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Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun come together weekly to discuss things of interest to Mac geeks, yet present them in a way that's both entertaining and informative for the average listener.

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MGG 603: Pronunciation, Rants and The Joy of a Smaller Phone 12:15 PM, May. 1st, 2016

Sound is a funny thing, so are pronunciations and ringtones, and yet your two favorite geeks have some great tips for you about both of…

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Podcast Archives

  1. Nov. 30th, 2009 MGG 228: Neither Geeks Nor Listeners Are Turkeys

    John and Dave come straight out of the US Thanksgiving holiday and into your ears, hearts, and heads sharing both their AND your Mac knowledge tips, queries, and concerns. Topics include troubleshooting Safari, saving your iDisk, Monitoring internet usage with AirPort Base Stations, and not one but two great utilities for getting more out of your Magic Mouse. Subscribe today and enjoy!

  2. Nov. 23rd, 2009 MGG 227: Folder Syncing, Ethernet, Router, Backup, and More!

    Dave's back from vacation and he and John have a show packed with info, tips, and tricks just for you. Answering your questions about ethernet, time machine, mail drafts, and software updates they make sure you understand the "why" behind the "how to." This week's episode also includes listener solutions for the folder syncing geek challenge and a few things to add to the Cool Stuff Found category. Don't miss it!

  3. Nov. 8th, 2009 MGG 226: Magic Mouse, Apple Battery Secrets, Q&A

    A special weekend show with tons of great info. Dave shares his initial thoughts on the Magic Mouse, then he and John dig into some more information about MacBook (and MacBook Pro) removable batteries, including what constitutes a "cycle" and dissecting AppleCare's battery replacement policies. Then its on to your questions and tips, and the geeks knock this one out of the park!

  4. Nov. 2nd, 2009 MGG 225: Mail Fixes, Open With, Batteries, Renaming and Mac Tips

    The mailbags were full this week, folks, and John and Dave do their best to tackle everything that came in. Voicemail, email, and Twitter messages lead your favorite geeks through fixing sounds, opening files with different apps, sleep and battery advice, what locum is, and more Mac and iPhone Tips than you can shake a stick at! Subscribe today, it's free!

  5. Oct. 26th, 2009 MGG 224: AirPort Express, Quirky Keyboards, Switcher Questions, and Mac Tips!

    Your two favorite Mac geeks come together yet again to share your tips, answer your questions and solve your problems. Regularly voted one of the best Mac podcasts on iTunes, you won't want to miss this week's episode. John and Dave answer questions about AirPort Express in hotels, keyboards acting funny, some switcher-related issues, and also share your tips on Adobe Flash, USB ports on Mac Mini and more! Subscribe today for free so you don't miss another episode.

  6. Oct. 20th, 2009 MGG 223: New Apple Stuff, Snow Leopard Oddities, Travel Gadgets

    Recovered (or at least recovering!) from their travels to BlogWorld Expo, John and Dave serve up a healthy dose of gab, geek-style, all the while translating into terms for everyone to understand. Topics discussed include multi-platform IM clients, Snow Leopard sleeping issues, USB hard drives, Flash malfunctioning, and two products that are sure to help the laptop-wielding traveler. This, and more, all in the episode. Subscribe today for free!

  7. Oct. 15th, 2009 MGG 222: Keyboard Replacements, Geek Challenges, and Traveling Geeks

    John and Dave are in Las Vegas for BlogWorld Expo 2009 and deliver this week's show together from the hotel. Being on the road doesn't stop them, though, and the show goes through all your questions, troubles, tips and more. Plus, John shares his tale of woe... and the resolution he found! Subscribe today and don't miss another episode. It's free!

  8. Oct. 5th, 2009 MGG 221: QuickLook and Font Crashes, Ground Hums, and More!

    Snow Leopard's QuickLook crashes: solved. Bad fonts showing up in FireFox? Solved. Wireless passwords? Found! John and Dave answer all your questions, then it's on to sharing your tips about ground hums, clipboard managers and more!

  9. Sep. 28th, 2009 MGG 220: Your Mac Questions Answered and a BlogWorld Expo Interview

    John and Dave interview Dave Cynkin and Rick Calvert of BlogWorld Expo, and secretly (or perhaps not so!) try to convert Rick to the Mac. After the interview, Dave and John get back to MGG proper form and answer your questions and share your tips. Subscribe today and don't miss another episode.

  10. Sep. 21st, 2009 MGG 219: Clipboards, Cool Stuff Found, Audio, iLife, and DVDs!

    Dave and John talk through a slew of Cool Stuff Found, including Snow Leopard Option Key tricks, the toolbar, multiple clipboards, eSATA and making Snow Leopard more stable. Then it's on to answering your questions, and the fun continues with syncing, Dual Layer DVDs, Ground hum and more. John attended a few events this week, too, and he talks through those, as well.