OS X: How to Kill Stubborn Apps & Hidden Processes

11:19 AM, May. 15th, 2013 · · MGG Answers


Mac Geek Gab listener Stephen is trying to update an app on his Mac, but the app's installer won't work because the app, or its processes, are still running. We show him how to quit those pesky apps and kill their hidden processes so that he can safely update or remove the app from his system.

Which Data Recovery Software Should I Use on my Mac?

8:36 AM, May. 14th, 2013 · · MGG Answers

Reader John has a hard disk gone bad and needs to recover some files off it before he moves on to a newer, more reliable disk. With that, though, he's having trouble deciding which data recovery software to use, in part because there are no good reviews of any options out there.

OS X: How to Update iStat Menus to Fix a Frozen Menu Bar Clock

8:25 AM, May. 13th, 2013 · · MGG Answers

Mac Geek Gab listener Josh noticed that his Mac's menu bar clock started freezing when the Mac was asleep. We explain that this is a known issue with early versions of the popular iStat Menus utility and show how to fix it with a simple update.

Startup Disk Suddenly Too Full to Launch any Applications?

9:07 AM, May. 6th, 2013 · · MGG Answers

Ever have your Mac tell you that your startup disk is so full that you can't run any more applications or really do anything? That happened to Sarah, and we help guide her through diagnosing and solving this problem... and we might even learn some troubleshooting tricks along the way!

OS X: How to Remove Attachments from Apple Mail Messages

9:07 AM, May. 6th, 2013 · · MGG Answers

Mac Geek Gab listener Joe prefers to archive copies of his email messages for reference, but doesn't always want to keep the associated email attachments which are often unnecessary and take up valuable drive space. We show him how to use a little-know feature of Mail to remove attachments from email messages.

Batch Rename Multiple Files With This Simple Automator Workflow

10:36 AM, Apr. 18th, 2013 · · MGG Answers

Ever have a bunch of files you want to rename? Maybe you received a group of documents from your Windows-using friend that have some wonky text in them, or maybe you want to serialize and date some pictures? Automator, built right into your Mac, makes this so easy you'll scratch your head twice; once for not having done this with Automator in the past, and a second time if you've never used Automator before because you'll see how easy and powerful it is.

Corrupt iCloud Data Causes iOS SpringBoard Home Screen Crash (with Fix!)

5:11 PM, Apr. 15th, 2013 · · MGG Answers

In addition to 3rd party app data, iCloud also stores data for a few Apple apps and services, and if this data gets corrupted you can wind up with a very unstable iPhone (or iPod or iPad). Unfortunately Apple doesn't provide a way to let you tell iCloud to reset this data. Short of permanently disabling "Documents & Data" syncing with iCloud, the only way to fix this is to delete the offending data from the iCloud (Mobile Documents) folder on your Mac and reboot your iOS device.

Is a USB 2.0 External Drive Fast Enough for My iTunes Library?

7:54 PM, Feb. 18th, 2013 · · MGG Answers

Mac Geek Gab listener John needs a new external hard drive for his growing iTunes library. Will a cheap USB 2.0 drive be fast enough, or would it be better to go with a FireWire 800 or Thunderbolt drive? We examine the difference between the interfaces so that John can decide what best fits his needs.

3 Quick Tips to Make Print and Save Dialogs Bigger and Better

2:35 PM, Feb. 8th, 2013 · · MGG Answers

Mac Geek Gab listener Seth sent us 3 quick tips this week and as soon as I read them I knew we had to share them with you. The tips include making your print and save dialogs default to be in the expanded view PLUS one to default to not save iWork documents to iCloud. Terminal commands after the jump.

How to Choose Between a Surge Protector and a UPS for Your Mac

9:04 AM, Feb. 4th, 2013 · · MGG Answers

Mac Geek Gab listener Ernesto is about to set up a new Mac and is concerned about the effectiveness of his five-year-old surge protectors. Should he replace them with new surge protectors or upgrade to an uninterruptible power supply? We explain the difference and offer a recommendation.