How to Choose Between a Surge Protector and a UPS for Your Mac

9:04 AM, Feb. 4th, 2013 · · MGG Answers

Mac Geek Gab listener Ernesto is about to set up a new Mac and is concerned about the effectiveness of his five-year-old surge protectors. Should he replace them with new surge protectors or upgrade to an uninterruptible power supply? We explain the difference and offer a recommendation.

How to Uninstall & Remove Mac OS X Programs and Applications

11:29 AM, Feb. 1st, 2013 · · MGG Answers

Mac Geek Gab listener Matt has used a Windows PC his entire life. Now that he's found his way to the Mac, he's wondering where the OS X equivalent to "Add/Remove Programs" is. We'll show him the different ways to remove Mac apps in OS X.

Which Microphone Should I Use for Podcasting?

2:09 PM, Jan. 26th, 2013 · · MGG Answers

This week John asks, "Dave — Which microphone should I use for podcasting?" I get this question so often that I figured it was time to publish some general (and some specific) advice based on what I've learned doing our Mac Geek Gab podcast for the past 8 years (plus what I've learned using microphones, in general, for 30 years). Short answer: You want a mic that you can get really close to when you're talking, and dyanmic is better than condenser, but read on and I'll explain why.

How to Choose Capture Direction in iOS 6 Panorama Mode

9:03 AM, Jan. 17th, 2013 · · MGG Answers

<p>Apple Panorama Camera Switch Directions</p>

The new Panorama camera mode in iOS 6 is great for quickly and easily capturing beautiful panoramic images. By default, users must move the camera from left to right, which may not be ideal for all situations. We show you how to take shots from right to left.

How to Remove Duplicate Entries from OS X’s “Open With” Menu

12:52 PM, Jan. 11th, 2013 · · MGG Answers

<p>How to Remove Duplicates from OS X Open With Menu</p>

Mac Geek Gab listener Mark wants to open a file using OS X's convenient "Open With" option in Finder. However, somewhere along the way of application and system upgrades, his "Open With" application list got out of control with duplicate entries for outdated versions of apps. We show him how to clean it up!

How to Move & Copy Mac App Store Apps Between Macs

9:31 AM, Jan. 4th, 2013 · · MGG Answers

<p>How to Copy Mac App Store Apps</p>

Mac Geek Gab listener Kevin loves the Mac App Store, but doesn't want to waste time and bandwidth downloading all of his purchases to each Mac in his home. We show him how to download a Mac App Store app only once, and then copy it to all of his other personal Macs.

How to Fix & Reset iOS Auto-Correct

11:19 AM, Oct. 22nd, 2012 · · MGG Answers

Auto-correct is a handy feature of iOS, but if the system keeps suggesting the wrong word, it can quickly become annoying. We show you how to reset your iOS dictionary so that you can re-train the system to suggest the words you want.

How to Monitor Your Mac’s Time Machine Backups with Terminal

10:52 AM, Oct. 5th, 2012 · · MGG Answers

Like many Mac users, Mac Geek Gab listener Chris uses Time Machine to back up his Mac's data. Because this is such a crucial and important task, Chris always wants to know if and when the last backup completed successfully. We'll show him two methods for keeping an eye on his Time Machine backups.

How to Locally Back Up Documents Stored on iCloud

4:30 PM, Aug. 20th, 2012 · · MGG Answers


Mac Geek Gab listener Joel just upgraded to Mountain Lion and likes the new ability to store and sync documents in iCloud. Like any good Mac user, however, Joel is concerned about backups and wants to make sure those iCloud documents are safe. We explain how iCloud handles documents and explain how most users with local backups may already be backing up their iCloud data without even knowing it.