How to Change the Default Duration of New iCal Events

3:34 AM, Jul. 17th, 2012 · · MGG Answers

<p>Change iCal Event Duration</p>

Mac Geek Gab listener Karl likes iCal’s month view but isn’t a fan of Apple’s decision to default all new month view events to an “all-day” or 8-hour duration. We show him some workarounds and solutions to creating events with shorter, more applicable durations.

How to Troubleshoot Connection Issues on Public Wi-Fi Networks

11:35 AM, May. 22nd, 2012 · · MGG Answers


All that Mac Geek Gab listener Larry wanted was to connect to an airport’s free Wi-Fi while he was waiting for his flight. Unfortunately, his MacBook Pro and the Wi-Fi network didn’t play nice. We show him some tips on how to troubleshoot connection issues on public Wi-Fi networks.

How to Identify & Fix Problems with the Mac App Store

4:51 PM, Jan. 30th, 2012 · · MGG Answers


Mac Geek Gab listener Ric upgraded his Mac to Lion but now finds that the Mac App Store won’t update properly. We show him where to find the corrupted preference files that are causing him trouble so that he can get back to installing and updating his apps!

How to Control Lock Screen Messaging Notifications in iOS 5

6:12 PM, Jan. 23rd, 2012 · · MGG Answers


Mac Geek Gab listener Mica loves his new iPhone 4S and iOS 5’s notification center. But he doesn’t want his incoming text messages to be previewed on his iPhone’s lock screen for all to see. We show him how to manage his Notification Center settings to keep his text messages private and secure.

Increase DVD Ripping Speed by Removing “Riplock”

4:00 PM, Jan. 17th, 2012 · · MGG Answers


Darren just bought a new iMac but can’t figure out why it rips and encodes DVDs slower than his three-year-old MacBook Pro. We explain the annoying “feature” called Riplock and show him how to remove it so that he can take full advantage of his new Mac’s increased processing power.

How to Disable Lion’s Resume Feature for Terminal

5:00 PM, Jan. 11th, 2012 · · MGG Answers

<p>OS X Lion’s Resume Feature</p>

Mac Geek Gab listener Joe just upgraded to Lion, but now he’s having déjà vu: every time he opens the Terminal application he sees the commands and history of his previous session. We explain why this is happening and, more importantly, how to stop it.