TMO’s Jeff Gamet Shows OS X El Capitan at MacinTech

2:59 PM, Sep. 8th, 2015 · · News

Jeff Gamet talks OS X El Capitan at MacinTech September 8

The Mac Observer's Managing Editor, Jeff Gamet, will be speaking at Denver's MacinTech Macintosh User Group on Tuesday evening, September 8, in Centennial, Colorado. Jeff will be showing off Apple's soon to be released Mac operating system OS X El Capitan.

Variety Calls Steve Jobs Biopic the Movie to See

11:45 AM, Sep. 8th, 2015 · · News

Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs

Aaron Sorkin's adaptation of Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs is the movie to see, according to Variety. It was screened over the weekend at the Telluride Film Festival, and was so well received that critics are talking about the Oscar potential in Michael Fassbender's portrayal of Apple's co-founder and iconic leader—and even Steve Wozniak gave the film a thumbs up.

TMO Live Coverage: Apple’s September 9 “Hey Siri” Media Event

10:42 AM, Sep. 8th, 2015 · · News

Get ready for TMO's live coverage at Apple's

Apple's "Hey Siri, give us a hint" media event is set to start at 10 AM pacific time on Wednesday, September 9, and The Mac Observer will be on location to keep you up to date on all of the day's announcements. We'll also have plenty to say after it wraps up, so be sure to check out our Apple Context Machine podcast in the afternoon.

Happy Labor Day

8:00 AM, Sep. 7th, 2015 · · News

Happy Labor Day

In observance of Labor Day, a U.S. holiday, The Mac Observer will be taking the day off for a little outdoor fun with friends and family, and we hope you are, too. We'll resume our regular publishing schedule on Tuesday, September 8. Enjoy the holiday!

Adobe Says Apple Dominates ‘TV Everywhere’ Viewing

5:25 PM, Sep. 4th, 2015 · · News

Adobe Chart

Apple devices dominate consumption of "TV Everywhere" viewing, according to a new study by Adobe Digital Index, a research arm of the software maker. Led by the iPad, Apple devices accounted for some 61 percent of such viewing, and Apple claimed three of the top four devices used to watch TV content other than your TV.

DocumentSnap’s Paperless Security Guide

12:06 PM, Sep. 4th, 2015 · · News

DocumentSnap's Brooks Duncan has released the Paperless Security Guide, a nice ebook that walks through how to keep your data safe as you move towards paperless-ness. Kelly has a look at the guide, as well as a discount on your own copy.

Apple Committed to ‘Cleaning Up’ Apple Music

5:20 PM, Sep. 3rd, 2015 · · News

Apple Music Promo Image

Apple is working on "cleaning up certain things" about Apple Music, according to Oliver Schusser, vice president, iTunes International, for Apple. In an interview with The Guardian, Mr. Schusser said that Apple has been getting feedback from 110 markets around the world, and was focused on improving the Apple Music experience.

Retailer Screws Up, Shows Off HomeKit Compatible Hue Bridge Early

5:05 PM, Sep. 3rd, 2015 · · News

Philips Hue HomeKit compatible Bridge coming soon and it'll cost about $60

When Philips said its Hue smart lightbulb line would be HomeKit compatible the assumption was that we'd need some piece of new hardware to make that happen, and now we have confirmation thanks to a light retailer in the Netherlands who added the new Hue Bridge to its online store prematurely. The bad news is the HomeKit compatible Hue Bridge will cost about US$60, but the good news is you won't have to replace any of your bulbs.

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Spending extra cash to make your Hue lights HomeKit compatible does kind of suck, but it isn't like you have to replace all of your bulbs, too. So at least there's that.

Judge Koh Slams Attorney Fees in Apple Anti-poaching Settlement

9:37 AM, Sep. 3rd, 2015 · · News

Judge Koh cut attorney fees in half in Apple's employee anti-poaching settlement

Judge Lucy Koh approved the US$415 million settlement Apple, Goole, Intel, and Adobe proposed in the anti-poaching lawsuit brought against them by Silicon Valley employees. She gave the deal a thumbs up on Wednesday, but with a twist that no doubt left the attorneys in the case disappointed: they're getting half as much money as they expected.

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Judge Koh must've felt Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein were really gouging the Silicon Valley workers they represented to cut what they're getting paid from $81 million down to $40 million.

Apple Music’s Ian Rogers Left for the Fashion Industry

10:16 AM, Sep. 2nd, 2015 · · News

Ian Rogers quit Apple Music for the fashion industry

The mystery job that pulled Ian Rogers away from running Apple Music isn't a secret any more. Now he's heading up LVMH's efforts to to create a better Internet presence for its brands. That puts Mr. Rogers very much outside of the music industry because LVMH oversees luxury product brands.

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There is a little irony in the high fashion market poaching an employee from Apple after all of the people Apple hired away for its smartwatch project.