Unintended Consequences of the iPad mini

4:35 PM, Oct. 5th, 2012 · · Particle Debris

There has been plenty of exploration of the (rumored) iPad mini, what it might look like, the bezel, the screen resolution, and so on. There have also been some analyses possible pricing and the competition with 7-inch tablets from Google and Amazon. But what about unintended consequences?  There may be more that we thought.

iPhone 5: Are You a Bottom Grabber or Head Puller?

4:40 PM, Sep. 28th, 2012 · · Particle Debris

Apple’s decision to move the headphone jack on the iPhone 5 to the bottom has customers talking. It turns out, there are two parallel universes, and neither side knew the other existed. John Martellaro looks at the ins and outs, top and bottom of the situation.

The iPhone 5 is Critic-Proof

6:44 PM, Sep. 21st, 2012 · · Particle Debris

No one can stop the tide of the iPhone 5. Tens of millions of customers will buy the iPhone 5 in short order, and no critic, no publication can stop it.  It’s like the anticipation over a new Marvel Comics-based blockbuster movie. There’s no stopping those millions of movie goers, even if the movie really isn’t that good and critics pan it. What’s really going on here?

Apple’s A6 Successor Could Stagger the TV Industry

6:28 PM, Sep. 14th, 2012 · · Particle Debris

Apple's Technology March

Apple develops technology at a relentless pace. One example is the investment in the low power ARM/Cortex processors in order to bring amazing performance to the iPhones and iPads.
It may only take one more generation, the A7, for Apple to have the power to demolish the TV industry.

No, Mr. Bezos, We Want Devices not Services

4:45 PM, Sep. 7th, 2012 · · Particle Debris

Jeff Bezos

During presentation of the new Kindles by Jeff Bezos on Thursday, he proposed the idea that Amazon wants to make money when people use Amazon services, not when they buy the hardware. The problem with that is the sense of entitlement by the maker, that the device really doesn’t belong to the customer and control is thereby lost. Examples are becoming alarming.

How OS X Won and Linux Lost the Desktop

12:50 PM, Aug. 31st, 2012 · · Particle Debris

OS X Mountain Lion

Once upon a time, the Linux community believed that they had just as good a shot as Apple on the consumer desktop.  Both had a good UNIX core and both were working vigorously on a beautiful GUI. What went wrong?  Plus, TWoW returns.

Apple’s Email Tinkering is Unwanted

4:55 PM, Aug. 24th, 2012 · · Particle Debris

Tinker, tinker

Apple has tinkered some more with the Mail.app in Mountain Lion.  This time Apple has decided that we no longer need to see some of the header text labels for email fields like “Subject” and “From.” This kind of tinkering with standard email protocols is suspect.

A Juicy Week of Lies, Deception, Betrayal & Insecurities

5:15 PM, Aug. 17th, 2012 · · Particle Debris

Lies and Deception

This week’s collection of technical news debris is filled with product deception, EULA shenanigans, a betrayal of Apple that will not go unpunished, and the awesome insecurity of those who worry that the iPad will take over the business world.

Apple’s Email App is in the Coffin Corner

7:46 PM, Aug. 10th, 2012 · · Particle Debris

Apple Mail app

Apple’s current email app is one of those strange breeds. It’s designed to be easy and fun for most all Apple customers, and yet it can never live up to the demands of professional users or even technical columnists. So it’s constantly ripped, and Apple constantly wants to do nothing except it tweak it. Apple mail is flying in that aviation term called the coffin corner.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2: Lead, Follow or Wander

3:55 PM, Aug. 3rd, 2012 · · Particle Debris

Follow the leader

Google had released the Nexus 7, its opening salvo in the content consumption 7-inch tablet market. Apple is rumored to be almost ready to release a 7.85-inch iPad. What will Amazon have to do to secure the future of the Kindle Fire?