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Apple Context Machine Podcast

Hosted by Jeff Gamet & Bryan Chaffin.

Apple Context Machine Podcast

The Apple Context Machine is Mac, iPhone, and iPod news and analysis that puts the facts in perspective, brought to you with a sense of humor. Hosts Jeff Gamet and Bryan Chaffin put the Apple world into context.

Daily Observations Podcast

Hosted by The Mac Observer.

Daily Observations Podcast

Join Jeff Gamet each weekday as he assembles a panel of TMO staffers and contributors to talk through the stories and news of the day. Quick, informative, and entertaining. Make Daily Observations a part of your day!

Background Mode Podcast

Hosted by The Mac Observer.

Background Mode Podcast

Join John Martellaro every week for fascinating interviews with tech industry pros and luminaries. It's more than a show about what they do; it's about who they are.

Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Hosted by Dave Hamilton & John F. Braun.

Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun come together weekly to discuss things of interest to Mac geeks, yet present them in a way that's both entertaining and informative for the average listener.

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TMO Background Mode: Interview with The Wirecutter’s Editor at Large Glenn Fleishman 5:00 PM, Feb. 8th, 2016

Glenn Fleishman is currently the Editor at Large for The Wirecutter and a Macworld Senior Contributor. Glenn is also a book author, and his Peachpit…

Podcast Archives

  1. Jan. 13th, 2016 TMO Daily Observations 2016-01-13: Apple, Time Warner, Pharrell, and Pop Culture

    Word on the street says Apple is interested in buying Time Warner. Kelly Guimont and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to debate whether or not that's a good plan, plus they look at the legal headache Pharrell is facing over his Beats 1 OTHERtone show. Bonus: John makes a pop culture reference.

  2. Jan. 12th, 2016 TMO Daily Observations 2016-01-12: iOS 9.3, Robots, and Voldemort

    Apple announced new features coming in iOS 9.3, and they're more than just minor bug fixes. John Martellaro and Dave Hamilton join Jeff Gamet to look at what's in iOS 9.3, and how it fits into Apple's update cycle. They also look at the state of personal robots, the confusion we'll have when iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 are out at the same time. Their solution: iOS 10 is now iOS Voldemort.

  3. Jan. 11th, 2016 TMO Background Mode: Interview With Freelance Journalist and Macworld Sr. Contributor Kirk McElhearn

    Kirk McElhearn is an expert technical journalist for all things Apple. He's known as "The iTunes Guy" and has a regular column at Macworld. His career started in France as a translator of technical material, and that led to his career as a writer. Kirk has written many books about the Mac as well as several "Take Control Books," including tutorials on iTunes, Audio Hijack and Scrivener. Kirk lives in the UK, and he loves Shakespearean plays and classical music. Clearly this is a man after my own heart. We've followed each other for years, and so I was eager…

  4. Jan. 11th, 2016 TMO Daily Observations 2016-01-11: CES 2016 Wrap Up, USB C

    We survived another year at CES, so its time to look back at what the event had to show this year. Dave Hamilton and John Martellaro and join Jeff Gamet to talk about show trends, what was interesting, and how USB C is changing how we think about our laptops.

  5. Jan. 10th, 2016 MGG 587: Twas the Twenth of January

    Fresh back from CES, John and Dave share their thoughts and trends about the show. Then it's on to answering your questions with topics including sharing Contacts with iCloud, solving erroneous Safari suggestions, the efficacy of smart chargers, the future of AirPlay and more! Download today, press play and enjoy (all while learning!).

  6. Jan. 8th, 2016 TMO Daily Observations 2016-01-08: CES 2016 Day 5, More Cool Tech and Body Hacking

    CES 2016 is wrapping up and our on-site crew has been hard at work checking out new products, what's coming, and some cool prototypes, too. Dave Hamilton and Bryan Chaffin and join Jeff Gamet to talk about more interesting products they've found, plus Dave shares his take on some concept body hacking devices he saw.

  7. Jan. 7th, 2016 TMO Daily Observations 2016-01-07: CES 2016 Day 4, AAPL Stock and Payroll

    CES 2016 is well under way, but that hasn't stopped the Apple news from coming in. Bryan Chaffin and Dave Hamilton join Jeff Gamet to look at Apple's executive pay scale and the company's declining stock value. They also have more to share from the CES expo floor.

  8. Jan. 7th, 2016 ACM 340: Looking for Apple at CES

    Jeff and Bryan have been looking for Apple's presence looming over CES like it usually does, but so far, they've come up emptry. There's plenty of Apple ecosystem products at CES 2016-they also talk about their favorites so far-but Apple isn't dominating the show like it usually does.

  9. Jan. 6th, 2016 TMO Daily Observations 2016-01-06: CES 2016 Day 3, Trends and Cool Gear

    CES 2016 is officially kicks off today, but there's been enough happening pre-show to keep us plenty busy. Dave Hamilton and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to talk about some of the interesting products they've seen, and to look at the trends emerging at this year's event.

  10. Jan. 5th, 2016 TMO Daily Observations 2016-01-05: CES 2016 Day 2, Cool Products Finds

    CES 2016 is ramping up, and the TMO team is already seeing some pretty cool stuff. Bryan Chaffin and John F. Braun join Jeff Gamet to look at some of the products they saw yesterday, and unlike so many devices shown at CES, these are already shipping.