watchOS 2.1 Released with Support for More Languages

4:46 PM, Dec. 8th, 2015 · · Product News

watchOS 2.1 includes new language support, Calendar fixes, and more

Along with iOS 9.1, Apple released watchOS 2.1 on Tuesday. The update for Apple's smartwatch included support for several more language localizations, along with support for right-to-left user interfaces.

Apple TV Update Adds Siri Music Search Support [UPDATED]

1:47 PM, Dec. 8th, 2015 · · Product News

tvOS 9.1 lets you search Apple Music on your Apple TV

Apple released tvOS 9.1 for the fourth generation Apple TV on Tuesday, finally bringing Siri search support for Apple Music. The feature was promised with the new Apple TV model, but wasn't included when it was released in October.

Apple Releases iOS 9.2 with New Features in Apple Music, News, and Mail

1:29 PM, Dec. 8th, 2015 · · Product News

Apple released iOS 9.2 Tuesday, and update that brings new features to Apple Music, News, and Mail. The executive summary version is that Apple improved playlist creation, saving songs for offline listening, and classical music browsing in Apple Music; News gets a Top Stories section, and Mail Drop is being added to Mail for sending large files.

Apple Unveils its Own iPhone 6s Battery Case

9:24 AM, Dec. 8th, 2015 · · Product News

Apple's new iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case

iPhone 6s owners woke up to a welcome surprise from Apple on Tuesday: the company just released its own battery case. This is Apple's first venture into iPhone battery charger cases, and looks like an attempt to take a slice out of a market dominated by case makers such as Mophie.

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Apple stayed away from portable iPhone chargers and battery cases ever since the original model was released years ago. That left a big market open for third parties because a lot of people felt their daily battery life was just too short. This looks like Apple's way of passively saying, "Yeah, we get it. Battery life really is an issue for iPhone uers."

Sketch Pulled from Mac App Store, Developer Cites Shortcoming in MAS Experience

9:48 PM, Dec. 1st, 2015 · · Product News

Sketch App Logo

Bohemeian Coding announced Tuesday that it was pulling the Sketch app from the Mac App Store (MAS). In a detailed blog post, the company said the MAS hasn't evolved like its iOS counterpart, and that the limitations imposed by Apple's structure for the MAS don't allow Sketch to be all that it can be.

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The Mac App Store truly feels like one of those Apple properties that stopped getting the internal love it needs. Apple does this all the time, or so it seems from the outside—my educated guess has long been that it's what happens when you have a small time of insanely brilliant creative geniuses running a company like Apple. When a product loses some of its luster for key members of that team, it languishes.

Apple Music Beta Comes to Sonos on December 15th

1:47 PM, Nov. 30th, 2015 · · Product News

Sonos users rejoice! Apple Music will be available in beta form on Sonos's wireless speakers starting December 15th. According to Sonos, this will feature streaming of everything in Apple Music's For You, New, Radio and My Music sections. If you have a family account setup, six of them can be added to Sonos individually, allowing everyone to access their own selections and playlists. Instructions on joining the beta are in the full article.

Square Rolls Out 100 Apple Pay NFC Terminals to Merchants

6:42 PM, Nov. 23rd, 2015 · · Product News

Square Apple Pay Reader

Square announced Monday that it shipped the first 100 NFC contactless and chip card readers to merchants in several cities in the U.S. Announced n June, the readers allow customers to pay with Apple Pay using their Apple Watch or compatible iPhones through the merchant's Square account.

Apple Intros Disk-shaped Apple Watch Charging Dock

9:30 AM, Nov. 18th, 2015 · · Product News

Apple unveils its own Apple Watch charging dock

Apple introduced its own Apple Watch charging dock on Wednesday with a different take from those offered by third-party manufacturers. Instead of a stand to hold your Apple Watch, it's a disk with a magnetic charger that sits flat or vertical.