Apple TV Comparison Chart Published

1:20 PM, Sep. 11th, 2015 · · Product News

Apple TV comparison chart

Apple has published a comparison chart showing the major differences between its $69 2013 Apple TV and "the new Apple TV" announced on September 9 that starts at $149.

Apple Announces iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with 3D Touch [Update]

3:14 PM, Sep. 9th, 2015 · · Product News

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Apple announced iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus during Wednesday's "Hey Siri" event. The anchor features include 3D Touch, a variant of the Force Touch technology introduced on the touchpad for MacBook. The device will also include significant camera improvements, faster Touch ID, the new A9 processor, and a Move from Android migration feature for switchers.

(PRODUCT)RED Apple Watch Sport Band Leaks on Twitter

11:00 AM, Sep. 9th, 2015 · · Product News

Larry Greenberg's Apple Watch Sport (PRODUCT)RED band photo

With only a couple hours to go before Apple's "Hey Siri" media event, one announcement has already leaked online. RunAroundTech Editor in Chief Larry Greenberg posted a photo of a (PRODUCT)RED band for the 42mm Apple Watch Sport model on Twitter this morning, and for some people it looks like that's enough to make today's product announcements all worth while.

DocumentSnap’s Paperless Security Guide

12:06 PM, Sep. 4th, 2015 · · Product News

DocumentSnap's Brooks Duncan has released the Paperless Security Guide, a nice ebook that walks through how to keep your data safe as you move towards paperless-ness. Kelly has a look at the guide, as well as a discount on your own copy.

Retailer Screws Up, Shows Off HomeKit Compatible Hue Bridge Early

5:05 PM, Sep. 3rd, 2015 · · Product News

Philips Hue HomeKit compatible Bridge coming soon and it'll cost about $60

When Philips said its Hue smart lightbulb line would be HomeKit compatible the assumption was that we'd need some piece of new hardware to make that happen, and now we have confirmation thanks to a light retailer in the Netherlands who added the new Hue Bridge to its online store prematurely. The bad news is the HomeKit compatible Hue Bridge will cost about US$60, but the good news is you won't have to replace any of your bulbs.

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Spending extra cash to make your Hue lights HomeKit compatible does kind of suck, but it isn't like you have to replace all of your bulbs, too. So at least there's that.

Apple Adds Alchemy Synthesizer Support to Logic Pro X

4:15 PM, Aug. 25th, 2015 · · Product News

Logic Pro X gets a serious update with Alchemy support

Apple released Logic Pro X 10.2 on Tuesday with several new features, most notably support for Alchemy—a synthesizer plug-in with several sound generators. Logic Pro is Apple's professional audio editing application for the Mac.

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That's a seriously big update for Logic Pro.