Apple Reportedly Reducing iPhone 6 Battery to 2mm with Similar Capacity

7:27 PM, Jul. 17th, 2014 · · Rumor

The Battery Diet

Apple is reportedly reducing the thickness of the battery it will use in its next generation iPhone—dubbed the iPhone 6 in the media—to just 2mm. Citing unnamed sources in Apple's supply chain, Taiwan-based DigiTimes said Apple has reduced the thickness of the battery by some 33 percent, down from 3mm, while keeping capacity at iPhone 5s levels.

Rumor Claims iPad to get Split Screen View in iOS 8

11:10 AM, May. 13th, 2014 · · Rumor

Apple's iPad may finally become a multitasking tablet thanks to the addition of a split screen view in iOS 8 that lets two apps run side by side. The rumored feature will support displaying and interacting with two apps simultaneously, and it may support apps interacting with each other, too.

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iPad multitasking and split screen app view is something we've been wanting pretty much ever since the original iPad was released. Assuming the report is legit, this will be a very welcome feature in iOS 8.

Video of Dr Dre Appears to Confirm Apple-Beats Deal

3:40 PM, May. 9th, 2014 · · Rumor

Tyrese and Dr. Dre

A video posted to YouTube on the HipHop Loops channel appears to confirm a rumor that Apple is set to buy Beats for some US$3.2 billion. The video was filmed by rapper and actor Tyrese Gibson and features Dr. Dre claiming to be the first billionaire in hip hop.

Rumor Claims New MacBook Air Models Only Days Away

11:10 AM, Apr. 24th, 2014 · · Rumor

The MacBook Air may be see a refresh next week, according to unnamed insider sources. The last time the MacBook Air line saw an update was about 10 months ago, which does make the thin laptop line ripe for a change.

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It's about time for a MacBook Air refresh, and there isn't any obvious reason why Apple shouldn't roll out new models next week. That said, nothing has been confirmed, so reports that they're on the way have to be considered as rumors for now.

Apple Reportedly Cements iWatch Suppliers for Q3 Intro

6:45 PM, Apr. 8th, 2014 · · Rumor

The Apple Crystal Ball

Gird your loins, because it's time for more iWatch rumors: Economic Daily News of Taiwan is claiming to have a finalized list of suppliers for Apple's iWatch with terms that include August delivery for components for a Q3 introduction. The report also claims Apple is targeting production of 65 million units for 2014 alone, but take that one with a huge grain of salt.

Apple Reportedly in Talks To Purchase Renesas Mobile

7:40 PM, Apr. 2nd, 2014 · · Rumor

Apple has opened discussions to purchase the majority of Renesas SP, a Japanese chip maker in dire financial straits. According to Reuters, Apple wants the 55 percent stake that Renesas SP owns in another company called Renesas SP Driver, the largest supplier of chips that control mobile screens to all three iPhone suppliers: Sharp, LG Display, and Japan Display Inc.