Rumors Says iPad mini Getting Retina Display in June

11:15 AM, Mar. 18th, 2013 · · Rumor

The latest iPad mini rumor to surface says the first update for Apple's smaller form factor tablet is coming in June, and will bring with it a much higher resolution display. The rumor also claimed the new iPad mini beefs up its processor and cameras, and may even get a little thinner, too.

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Yes, new iPads are coming. Yes, they'll have new features. No, Apple hasn't talked about time frames or what the new models will include. The rumor mill, however, sure thinks it has it all worked out.

Apple May be Planning Stock Dividend & Buyback Changes

10:03 AM, Mar. 13th, 2013 · · Rumor

Apple is apparently looking at adding more dividends for shareholders or a new stock buyback plan to increase the cash going back to investors, and those changes could be coming this spring. Assuming the rumor pans out, shareholders would get a bigger share of Apple's massive cash horde, although right now there isn't any official confirmation that the company is ready to make an announcement.

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Apple has deep pockets, and everyone wants a piece of the action.

Apple’s iWatch Coming in 2013

10:15 AM, Mar. 4th, 2013 · · Rumor

Apple's rumored "iWatch" smartwatch is apparently real and will start showing up on user's wrists before the end of 2013. That's the word from anonymous sources who claim to know what the Cupertino-based company is up to.

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Assuming Apple has wearable technology devices in its labs is a pretty safe assumption, but that doesn't mean the company plans on making a watch. Apple has already toyed with wearable tech (think iPod nano) so it isn't a big reach to think more is on the way.

Retina MacBook Air Allegedly Set for Q3 Launch

10:40 AM, Feb. 19th, 2013 · · Rumor

Apple is apparently planning on updating the MacBook Air lineup during the third quarter of 2013 with new Intel processors and a Retina Display. Component makers speaking anonymously claimed Apple will use Intel's Haswell chip platform in the new MacBook Air, and that the upgrade may include additional external features, too.

Next iPad mini’s Retina Display to Raise Production Cost 30%

6:08 AM, Feb. 18th, 2013 · · Rumor

iPad mini Retina Display

Recent rumors suggest that the second-generation iPad mini will adopt a Retina resolution display that exceeds the pixel density of its larger sibling, but doing so could raise the production cost of the device by more than 30 percent due to the need for additional backlighting and GPU performance. The change would also hit Apple's already shrinking margins, which have negatively affected the company's stock price.

iOS Passcode Bug Fix Apparently Coming Next Week

12:36 PM, Feb. 15th, 2013 · · Rumor

A report surfaced Friday morning claiming Apple plans to release iOS 6.1.2 early next week with a fix for the passcode bug that gives access to a locked iPhone through a series of taps and swipes. The update will apparently also include a promised fix for a Microsoft Exchange-related issue that's causing fast battery drain.

Apple’s iWatch Team Apparently 100 Strong

9:13 AM, Feb. 13th, 2013 · · Rumor

Rumors surrounding Apple's iWatch smartwatch device keep coming on strong and the latest claims the company has 100 people working on the unconfirmed product. The team apparently includes hardware and software designers from the iPhone and iPad, managers, and staff from the company's marketing group.

New Apple Patent May Hint at Features of Rumored “iWatch”

8:35 PM, Feb. 12th, 2013 · · Rumor

Apple Motion Patent

Apple has been granted a broad patent describing how advanced sensors attached to devices or worn by users can monitor and analyze movement, force, and environmental conditions. Many of the described functions fit well with possible features of the rumored Apple "iWatch."