Google’s Schmidt: We’re Winning the War Against Apple

4:30 PM, Dec. 12th, 2012 · · The Back Page

Google Is Winning the War

Google chairman Eric Schmidt put it succinctly, his company's Android platform is beating Apple's iPhone. It's a bunch of nonsense, however; like everything Mr. Schmidt says, this statement tells only part of the story, the part that tells Google's side of the story.

Reuters Exposes ‘Apple Tax’ for ‘Enslaved’ iOwners

8:09 PM, Dec. 10th, 2012 · · The Back Page

The Apple Taxman Cometh

Finally! Reuters has exposed the deep dark secret marring our miserable existence, the "Apple Tax" that we pay to Cupertino every year. Reporting for Reuters, Chris Taylor tells us that we are "slaves" to our devices, and that our families are "indentured servants" to Apple because we buy its products.

Apple Death Knells 61 & 62: Apple Has Peaked

6:29 PM, Nov. 8th, 2012 · · The Back Page

Apple Death Knell #61

Gather 'round, boys and girls. Bryan Chaffin has a rare treat, a twofer for the Apple Death Knell Counter. Death Knell #61 and Death Knell #62 both argue that Apple is on the decline.

Microsoft Trainwreck Edging Towards “Modern UI” to Replace “Metro”

5:07 PM, Aug. 10th, 2012 · · The Back Page

Microsoft Trainwreck

It’s like a train wreck, but in slow motion. It edges forward ever-so slowly, horrific and chilling. You know what’s going to happen, but just like yelling “Stop! No! Don’t do it!” at the movie screen when the girl splits off from the main group in a horror film, your shouts and protestations fall meaningless, echoing off of deaf ears. 

How To Understand Why Apple’s Stock Dipped 4.3%

8:01 PM, Jul. 25th, 2012 · · The Back Page

AAPL Chart for July 25th, 2012

Shares in Apple Inc. sold off on Wednesday following the company’s June quarter earnings report on Tuesday. AAPL ended the day at US$574.97, down $25.95 (-4.32 percent) on volume of 31.3 million shares trading, more than triple the average volume. Bryan Chaffin explains why it happened.

Apple Q3 Themes: Rumors, Economy, & ‘Product Transition’

9:00 PM, Jul. 24th, 2012 · · The Back Page


Apple reported its June quarter results on Tuesday, and a couple of main themes emerged from the company’s conference call with analysts. The first is that the miss can be pegged on those evil rumors of an iPhone 5 and a lagging economy, while the second was a focus by both the analysts and Apple executives on the code phrase “product transition.” Bryan Chaffin offers his thoughts.

Google’s Patent Plea for Permission to Pilfer

5:24 PM, Jul. 23rd, 2012 · · The Back Page

Google Baloney

Google made a plea to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, a plea for permission to pilfer the patent portfolios of any company good enough to change the world. Bryan Chaffin labels it a bunch of baloney, but says that it’s in keeping with Google’s history of wanting the rest of the world to be available to its profit machine.

EFF Wants to Save Apple Users from the Tyranny of Excellence

9:04 PM, May. 29th, 2012 · · The Back Page

Help! I'm Being Oppressed by the Tyranny of Excellence

The EFF issued a manifesto on Tuesday demanding that Apple tear down its “crystal prison,” and to, “to open its platforms for those who wish to tinker, tweak and innovate with their internals.” Bryan Chaffin argues that, in this case, the EFF is trying to protect us from the tyranny of excellence.