Analyst: Amazon Can Compete with iPad by Losing Money

10:43 PM, Aug. 29th, 2011 · · The Back Page

Amazon Android Tablet?

If Amazon wants to compete with Apple’s iPad with its own tablet, it’s going to have to be willing to sell them at a loss, according to a report from Forrester. Bryan Chaffin argues that if the only lesson analysts take away from HP’s TouchPad debacle is that you can sell tablets by losing money, Apple’s iPad lead is assured.

HP Cedes Greatness to Apple

7:58 PM, Aug. 18th, 2011 · · The Back Page

King iPad

What happens when you put a software guy in charge of a hardware company? In the case of HP’s CEO, he pitches most of his hardware business—along with a chance to be a major player in mobile devices—turning a once-great hardware company into a software and services business in the process.

Google: Microsoft is Tricksy, But We’re Too Smart

5:57 PM, Aug. 4th, 2011 · · The Back Page


Google has fired back in the new war of words between it and Microsoft over the use of patents in the smartphone wars, calling Microsoft’s claims that it offered to buy a set of patents with Google nothing more than a dirty trick that Google was too smart to fall for. In this analysis piece, Bryan Chaffin takes Google to task faulty reasoning and trying to obfuscate the truth.

Google: Apple, Microsoft Using “Bogus” Patents to Stifle Android

7:39 PM, Aug. 3rd, 2011 · · The Back Page

Google isn't the victim in the patent wars, it's the perp.

Google plays the victim and claims that Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle are all trying to stifle innovation by using a bunch of “bogus” patents to stifle and “strangle” Android. Bryan Chaffin labels that balderdash, and says that when it comes to patents in the smartphone world, Google isn’t the victim, it’s the perp.

Analysts: Android & Windows 8 Tablets to Magically Catch iPad

9:28 PM, Jul. 14th, 2011 · · The Back Page

The Dunce Cap

Bryan Chaffin found a herd of analysts who were hellbent to prove to the world that they have no idea what’s driving sales of the iPad. In a 90-page report, they said that Android and Windows 8 are going to put the hurt on the iPad, and Bryan offers his own analysis about the worth of that report.

Microsoft COO Relishes Windows on Mac at Retail Store

8:42 PM, Jul. 13th, 2011 · · The Back Page

Circles & Arrows Give the Proof!

At Microsoft’s World Partners Conference, company execs displayed a little Apple angst, from a stumbling effort to make something “magical” to a little glee at Windows running on a Mac at a retail store. Bryan Chaffin offers his thoughts and screenshots from the event.

Death Knell #56: Apple’s Closed System Doomed to Die

6:59 PM, Jun. 27th, 2011 · · The Back Page

Bryan Chaffin brings you the 56th Apple Death Knell, which comes to us courtesy of The Today Show’s Paul Hochman who told attendees of the Forward with Ford Futuring and Trends Conference that all closed systems fail, and thus Apple will fail, too. That’s pretty open and shut, right?

Facebook Seeks Failure by Challenging Apple’s App Store

7:56 PM, Jun. 16th, 2011 · · The Back Page


Facebook is working on a super secret project called Project Spartan that would wrest control of mobile app distribution away from the likes of Apple and Google, and put it into the hands where CEO Mark Zuckerberg is delusional enough to think it belongs, Facebook. This is the kind of hubris that only phenomenally successful kids in their early 20s are capable of confusing with reality.

No New Apple Death Knells, but Ignorance Abounds

6:52 PM, May. 18th, 2011 · · The Back Page

The Dunce Cap

Bryan Chaffin hasn’t found any new Apple Death Knells to add to the list, but he did come upon two articles today that are just awful examples of journalism, and he wants to fit both authors for some quality time with a dunce cap.

Only Two Companies Can Compete with iPad: Amazon & Microsoft

3:22 PM, May. 5th, 2011 · · The Back Page

Amazon & Microsoft vs. iPad

There’s only two companies that are capable of mounting a viable competitor to Apple’s iPad, according to Bryan Chaffin, and that’s Amazon and Microsoft. Only those two companies can offer a compelling experience in a tablet, and when it comes to tablets, experience is everything.