Expecting Big WWDC Announcements? Don’t Hold Your Breath

4:32 PM, May. 28th, 2013 · · WWDC

Apple's annual World Wide Developer Conference starts on June 10 and analysts, developers and Apple fans are expecting a lot from the keynote presentation that kicks off the event. The company will no doubt have some exciting announcements to share, but there's a good chance if you're expecting back-to-back blockbuster announcements from start to finish, you'll be in for something of a disappointment.

Apple Reportedly Plans WWDC Keynote for Monday, June 10th

2:01 PM, May. 23rd, 2013 · · WWDC


Apple has reportedly scheduled its keynote event for its 2013 World Wide Developer Conference on Monday, June 10th. We say reportedly, because while AllThingsD reported the date, Apple hasn't officially announced it and media invites have yet to go out.

Apple Developers Speak Out: WWDC Must Change

1:19 PM, Apr. 26th, 2013 · · WWDC

Rethinking WWDC

When Apple's developer event, the World Wide Developer Conference, sells out in less than three minutes, something is broken. Developers that TMO contacted weren't happy with the process and strongly urged Apple to make changes, both to the sign up process and to the event. Here's a vivid and articulate collection of developer responses that's full of insight and provides serious food for thought.

WWDC 2013 Sells Out in Two Minutes

1:10 PM, Apr. 25th, 2013 · · WWDC

Tickets for Apple's 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference went on sale at 10AM pacific time, and within two minutes were completely sold out. That's the fastest the event has sold out, beating last year's two hour selling frenzy.

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Wow, that was fast. At this rate, WWDC 2014 will sell out before Apple even has tickets available for sale. And if you need proof developers are still very interested in the OS X and iOS platforms, they managed to pack plenty of evidence into a two minute window.

Reminder: WWDC 2013 Ticket Sales Start at 10AM Pacific Time

11:11 AM, Apr. 25th, 2013 · · WWDC

Tickets for Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference are set to go on sale at 10AM pacific time, or 1PM eastern time, on Thursday, and they'll likely go fast. Last year, the event sold out in just under two hours, and thanks to Apple's decision to announce ticket sales a day in advance, they'll probably go even quicker this year.

Apple’s WWDC 2013 Set for June 10-14, Tickets Available April 25

8:37 AM, Apr. 24th, 2013 · · WWDC

Apple will be hosting its annual Worldwide Developers Conference June 10 through June 14, but you'll have to wait just a little bit longer to get your tickets. Developers planning on attending the annual event get order their tickets online starting at 10AM pacific time on Thursday, April 25, and they'll probably go fast.

Apple Posts WWDC 2012 Session Videos for Developers

10:21 AM, Jun. 20th, 2012 · · WWDC

Session videos from Apple’s 2012 Worldwide Developers Conference made it to the company’s website on Wednesday, giving attendees for last week’s event a chance to re-watch the sessions they attended, and giving developers that couldn’t attend the opportunity to learn more about coding for the Mac, iPhone and iPad.

WWDC: Max Seelemann - If I’d Stayed in School, I’d Die

2:55 PM, Jun. 19th, 2012 · · WWDC

Max Seeleman & the Soulmen

A decade ago, Max Seeleman was a youngster in school when he launched the Ulysses writer’s tool and The Soulmen. In this WWDC interview, he tells TMO’s Dave Hamilton how the OS X app has evolved.  And how smart, technical changes led to the Daedalus editing app for the iPad and the new, rewritten Ulysses 3, coming soon.

WWDC: Working for Apple Wasn’t Enough: Mike Bombich

5:20 PM, Jun. 18th, 2012 · · WWDC

Mike Bombich

At WWDC, TMO’s Dave Hamilton met with Mike Bombich, author of Carbon Copy Cloner for OS X. Mr. Bombich left Apple two years ago to pursue his passion for being a creator of something great. A short respite breathed new life into his work with his quintessential OS X copy and backup tool, CCC. This interview includes some intriguing, little known facts about CCC.

MacOS KenDensed: WWDC 2012 Techno-palooza

9:30 AM, Jun. 16th, 2012 · · WWDC

Just in case you hadn’t heard, Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference was this week, and the company dropped a new retina display MacBook Pro in our laps. The company also previewed OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6, and kicked Google Maps to the curb. Since you couldn’t be there, how about if Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray takes you by the hand and fills you in.