What Are Your Thoughts On 10.1?

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    Posted: 07 October 2001 12:51 PM

    Mac OS X 10.1 is here at last, but what do you think about it now that you have it?  Was all you hoped?  More?  Less?  What’s good or bad about it?  Whatever your thoughts on the update, let’s hear it!


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  • Posted: 01 October 2001 06:33 AM #1

    The 10.1 update was / is a big hassle for me…
    Applications just quits without providing any errorcodes and the Finder freezes quite often.
    My Formac CDRW 16x (a Teac inside) was working fine under 10.0.4 but is not recognized anymore.
    After upgrading I lost all sound abilities on the machine - until reseting PRAM with TechTool Lite from OS9…

    All after all, it seems a bit faster than before - applications starts quick but the window-redraw-speed is still lame compared with OS9 (I’m on a G4 500MP…)

    I hope there will be frequent updates available…


  • Posted: 01 October 2001 06:38 AM #2

    Like others have said, I keep trying to like OS X.  The update did increase its speed from glacial to sluggish, but when I switch back to OS 9 I feel like I’m running a speed demon.  I’ll wait for 10.2 or for three more years when I can afford another new and faster machine.


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    Posted: 01 October 2001 06:41 AM #3

    Wow, does first reply mean anything special, like first post. I think NOT! Anyway… I’m running 10.1 on an old (hehe) 233 iMac, and I have to say that things are MUCH quicker, overall. Startup and login are shorter, and general system responsiveness is way up. Application launch is also much better. This, and I still haven’t had a chance to upgrade to more than 96MB of RAM, and I have a stock hard drive.

    For those of you that think this thing is slow, I invite you to try the system that was hefted onto my desk at work, so years ago. Its a 199Mz pentium of some sort, and It has 64MB of RAM and a 2GB hard drive. So, overall, its only slightly lower on the hardware comparison scale (strictly by the numbers) than my iMac. And it runs NT 4.0 dog slow. it takes me 20 seconds just to read a mail message, for God’s sake! Compared to NT on that machine, 10.1 is a fireball. Not to mention it’s worlds more user friendly.

    Just my 2 cents. : )


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  • Posted: 01 October 2001 06:41 AM #4

    Thank God… its here the missing half of my operating system !
    Installation was a breeze, lots of small changes for the better that are not posted on the website, Usb Compatibility is MUCH improved, i could never sync my palm pda under 10.04 using classic, but now i can,
    Over all its much faster, ok im using a G4 867, with 1024Mb Ram…. so it bloody should be!

  • Posted: 01 October 2001 07:10 AM #5

    I’m running 10.1 on a 450Mhz Cube, 1.5Gb of ram, stock 20gig disk.  10.1 is a lot faster than 10.0.4, which i was getting impatient with.  But, after having used 10.1 for a while ... well, things could still stand to be faster.  It seems like without the video card helping out somehow (and i’ve heard that woudln’t be easy to do), OSX probably will just be slow on my machine.  I don’t think OSX will ever be as fast as OS9 on the same machine, OSX is just doing more ... Oh well, maybe Apple will make me eat my words

  • Posted: 01 October 2001 07:11 AM #6

    So far my experience w/ the MacOS 10.1 upgrade has been pretty positive. Picked up the instant upgrade CD from the local Comp USA without hassle, ran the upgrade and immediately noticed the speed difference. My iSub now WORKS!!! Classic seems to be more stable.

    Aside from AIM crashing, which installing the upgraded version seems to have fixed, I’ve been running it for two days pretty much bug free. I think I’ve officially gone to OSX full time.

    Anyone know if there are Carbonized versions of Real Player or Game Sprockets on the horizon?


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  • Posted: 01 October 2001 07:24 AM #7

    Faster, easier mounting of firewire drives via Ratoc CBFW2 adapter, yes it hot mounts, and the only thing missing now are backup software, and lost support for Wavelan card which was present thanks to an open source developer in 10.0.4.

  • Posted: 01 October 2001 07:26 AM #8

    I spent 4 hours on Saturday looking for my copy of OS X.  I was one of the lucky 50 people who showed up really earyl at Comp-USA in Brookfield WI.  I had to put my name on a list and then come back later in the day to pick it up because the truck had not come in.  Overall I would say that OS 10.1 was worth the wait in some aspects.  I am really bumbed that iDVD 2.0 is not a part of the release.  Also there are things that have changed such as iMovie (no more resources folder with iMovie) and I am having a hard time finding documentation on all of the changes that have been made.  The increased speed is nice.  I use OS X on a G4 867, a G4 500 DP and a G4 500 P-book.  All three are much faster.  Classic still lags a bit under OS X and that is where the brunt of my applications lie.  I think that Apple is on the right track, but there is a lot of room for improvement.  The whole upgrade program leaves a sour taste in some peoples mouths, mine included!


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  • Posted: 01 October 2001 07:48 AM #9

    I did a clean install Saturday, moved stuff over, and it works like a charm, much faster and smoother.  The only problem is a bug in OmniWeb that causes it to bomb when I shut it down, which I hardly ever do.  I’m waiting on the 4.1 beta to see if it gets fixed.  I’ve been using OS X for a year now, and barring a few small glitches, have had an overall positive experience with it.

  • Posted: 01 October 2001 08:04 AM #10

    I really like it alot. I hate not having spring folders! I want to assign start keys for launching apps. I want the window to be almost transparent when I click and hold the bar so I could see what is be hind it so I don’t have to minimize the window. Getting used to not being able to not grab windows but only on the top.
    Over all I thing this is what it should have been back in March.
    So I think we should look at it as the first release.
    Also realize that it’s made for newer machines and it will never run as fast as 9 on our older machines.

    World Peace Please.




  • Posted: 01 October 2001 08:06 AM #11

    10.1 is everything Apple said it would be. Faster, burns CD’s, sound works, all the new features are really improved. Doesn’t crash ever! I’m a happy camper!! Now we just need to wait for the 3rd party software people to update there apps and were off. I plan to use 10.1 as my primary OS now because I can do most of the things that I need to do in it.

  • Posted: 01 October 2001 08:07 AM #12

    I picked up the upgrade from my local CompUSA (Denver, CO) at 9am on Saturday morning . . . everything works great on my G4 533.  Concerning the upgrade process, just remember this:  if Microsoft was in charge of this upgrade, they would call it OS X Second Edition and charge another $100 for it!

  • Posted: 01 October 2001 08:16 AM #13

    Had great difficulty with the upgrade, evidently due to issues with my HD configuration and possibly some corrupt data on my OS X partition. I would get an installer unexpectedly quit, error 0 during the disk check portion of the install. Even went to get a second copy (first was shrink-wrap, second was burn). A call to Apple Support, and instructions to set OS X drive to IDE 0 (master) and try again. It continued to fail, so was directed to repartition, reformat, and reinstall OS X 10.0 followed immediately by 10.1 upgrade. This did work, but am a little baffled as to what the problem was…the HD head seek grinding was unsettling, but I was not having problems before the upgrade attempt, and appears fine afterwards. Not back to fighting trim yet, but appears well so far.

    G4 AGP 733MHz Superdrive, 40GB x 2 IDE, 1.5GB RAM


  • Posted: 01 October 2001 08:38 AM #14

    Overall, I like 10.1. I had no problems updating on my TiBook 500… took about 40 minutes.

    Big things work better than previous versions. Faster window loading and resizing (although I want them faster!) and native DVD support top the list for me. I also like the new dock preferences as well as the battery, display, modem, and sound menus at the top right of the screen. A GREAT little addition to the system is the ability to disable the trackpad while typing. If you have a powerbook or ibook, you know this was a vital addition.

    However, some things actually got worse in 10.1, at least for me…
    1. Minimizing has gotten worse. Instead of the nice fluid genie effect, I now get a sluggish, stuttering minimization. I have found that minimization is worse when the dock is on the sides rather than at the bottom of the screen. As for the scaling option, it’s better, but it’s still noticeably sluggish… more sluggish than the genie was in 10.04.

    2. The DVD player is great, but I can’t watch from my TV anymore. In 9, you simply drag the DVD player window onto the TV in extended desktop mode. In 10.1, for some reason you can’t do it. I played around with the display control panel and actually managed to get the player screen on the TV, but the screen only shows blue. Not sure why this is, but I hope it gets worked on soon. I can still watch DVDs on my TV from 9, but it’d be better on 10.1.

    3. Graphics performance has gone down in iTunes. I know this sounds trivial, but I think it’s a small part of a bigger problem. Framerates in iTunes have dropped considerably. With the size set to small and in full screen mode, I used to get a framerate in the mid-50s, but now I get a framerate of around 40. The reason I’m concerned about this is that Open GL performance was supposed to go up, and it has in fact gone down. I also tried to play the Aliens vs. Predator demo, and it didn’t even work anymore. In reading through the Apple discussions pages, one contributor said that he couldn’t find any ATI Open GL support extensions, and while he was far from an expert, my experience has reflected this possibility. This would be very sad for me because the powerbook has an ATI 128 card that cannot be replaced or upgraded.

    4. There’s something weird with speakable items. When moving into full screen mode for games and the DVD player, sometimes the speakable items controller will pop out of nowhere. This is with speakable items off. I’ve read numerous other reports of this.

    5. Not really something bad, but a hint to new users. I was having problems with IE and Mail and finally realized that I was using the old verions (new versions come with 10.1). Apparently, the dock items from before the update were still linking to the old versions (which hadn’t been erased from my drive). I removed all the old apps from the dock and replaced them with the new ones, and things are fine now.

    Like I said, overall I like 10.1. Big things fixed, small things introduced. My only real gripes are the DVD on television issue and the possible non-support of my ATI card with OpenGL.

  • Posted: 01 October 2001 09:23 AM #15

    10.1 installed in no time and it has been running great!! This OS is fast and stable. Before I installed 10.1, I had been running 10.0.4 without a restart since it came out. Sure I’ve had the Finder or Classic freeze up, but I’ve always been able to recover by force quitting or killing the frozen app in the terminal!

    I don’t know how people can say 9.2 is faster than 10.1. OS 9 feels like a toy when I use it now. There is nothing like burning a CD, downloading, installing, and doing my work all at once… 9 can’t do that. On older machines, 9 may still be faster, but you can only do ONE thing fast. With 10.1 you can do it all at once.