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    That’s a lot of effort for such an unholy union.  Can you even use a keyboard with an Xbox?


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    That’s a lot of effort for such an unholy union. Can you even use a keyboard with an Xbox?

    Yes, you can use a USB keyboard and mouse on the Xbox, through the use of a USB adaptor which you can purchase from Microsoft.  The controller ports are nothing more than reshaped USB ports.

    I was going to install Linux on my Xbox earlier today but saw that it “kills” your Xbox Live account.  When running Linux the Xbox is a fully functioning, legacy free, personal computer.  Its actually not a bad deal, for roughly $100 (on ebay) you can have a 733 MHz PIII machine with an nVidia GeForce 3 (64MB) GPU and 128 MB RAM for surfing the web, email, etc.  And you can still use the Xbox as a game console, minus the Xbox Live functionality.

    More Info:
    Xebian Linux http://www.xbox-linux.org/

    EDIT: I did more digging, the XBox only has 64MB total RAM shared with the GPU


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    I like the idea of running Linux on an X-Box - kind of brings the enemy right in to MS’s home. :eg:

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    Thanks for the heads up!  I posted something on this in our news today.


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