Think new iMac is ugly? First, check out Intel's "Concept PC

  • Posted: 19 January 2002 09:13 AM

    Aw, Gawd. This puts the new iMac into perspective, as well as a better light, and makes it out to be the most bee-you-tee-ful computer on the planet.

    Check it out: [url=] [/url]

    More proof that industrial designers shouldn’t do drugs on the job.

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  • Posted: 08 January 2002 07:59 PM #1


    I do not think of myself as a Mac snob, preferring to think of computers as tools to get the job done (albeit ever so elegantly with a Mac

    Those designs are mostly horrifying! I can’t imagine why anyone would want even one of those on their desk. Under it, hidden, maybe. This really shows the amazing design skills of Jonathan Ives and his team.

    Great going Apple; love the new iMac, but I’m keeping my 500 Mhz Cube with 17” Apple LCD. And meanwhile, counting down to the day the gorgeous iBook gets it’s G4 processor. Any bets that it’ll go in the 14” model first for a few months?


  • Posted: 08 January 2002 07:59 PM #2

    Good Lord.  Did Apple hire EVERY decent designer in the industry???

    Every one of those ranges from blah to silly to plain hideous.


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  • Posted: 08 January 2002 08:05 PM #3

    Wow, they’ve been passing it around over there at the Intel plant… (if you know what I mean)

    Toasters, amoebas (amoebae?), iMacs, clams, more toasters, footstools, dinosaurs, pyramids, and one that looks like a cross between a IIci, the G4 “handle” case, and a truck.

    And more Internet Appliances? What are they thinking?


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  • Posted: 08 January 2002 08:21 PM #4

    @#*$, Rodney, that was disgusting (notice how the Groom Lake looks like a ripoff of the G3/G4 tower design), in future (in which we can hope to not see fecal matter like that on desktops), please give a sterner warning to the aesthetically sensitive.

    The truly laughable thing is Intel getting an award from the EPA for energy consciousness  


    Seemed like a good idea at the time

  • Posted: 08 January 2002 08:28 PM #5

    These things are singularly hideous.  I am not surprised.

    Apple understands… elegance and simplicity.  Everything is there for a reason.

    These Intel-inspired monstrosities are the brain-vomit of design hacks who were laughed straight out of One Infinite Loop during their job interviews.

    OK, maybe I’m getting carried away… 


    Scott / room34

  • Posted: 08 January 2002 08:31 PM #6

    Not a decent design in there, not one.  Amazing.

  • Posted: 08 January 2002 08:43 PM #7

    Ugly cases!
    Many are non original.

    Concept PC 2001 looks like an Apple III taken apart.

    Diva gives me Xtrem flash backs.  (are they still up?)

    Enchant looks like a Philips 13in TV

    Entrata looks like a Protoss Observer ship from Starcraft

    Exo looks like a Vertical Xbox

    Groom Lake looks like a B/W, G4, Quicksilver but only flat case

    Polaris looks like a 20th anniversary Mac (w/out the CD bottom)

    I could keep going but i want to leave it to others to fill the blanks.

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  • Posted: 08 January 2002 09:19 PM #8

    I like the footstool/makeup case that they call “Ottoman”
    Wow someone needs to tell those guys that when it comes to form & function…you don’t have to choose just ONE.
    I think they may have had some third-graders draw with crayons one day.

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    What’s the difference between a Mac and a PC? Macs are designed, PCs are assembled.

  • Posted: 08 January 2002 09:41 PM #9

    I kinda like the idea of a modular computer for some reason, but uh, does it have to look like the Sydney Opera House as it would appear in Beetlejuice? Man. And that “artsy” looking one? I think people that artsy would shy away from buying a prebuilt thing like that. Plus, it’d cease being artsy when everyone and their dog has one…


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  • Posted: 08 January 2002 10:08 PM #10

    Consider this:  When you boot into Windows, you get several lines of vaquely ominous code…

    When you boot a Mac, the first thing it does is smile at you.

    And those designs Purely and Accurately reflect those attitudes.  Macs are friendly and warm to look and touch.

    PCs are ominous, forbidding, confusing, and vaquely unsettling.

    which are you going to be more willing to approach?

    MAN THOSE ARE THE FRIGGING UGLIEST THINGS I’VE SEEN SINCE THE PACER.  You can see these designers truly hate their machines, it comes out subliminally.

    As of now, I’m changing my sig.



    Most PC users deserve Windows.

  • Posted: 08 January 2002 10:13 PM #11

    Thanks for saying most.


    Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

  • Posted: 08 January 2002 10:36 PM #12

    On 2002-01-09 02:13, x136 wrote:
    Thanks for saying most.

    Hey, I know some people don’t have the choice.  But as of the last couple of years, there’s no longer any incontrovertible reason to pick a PC over MAc…and plenty of reasons not to.

    Like viruses.  And XP.  And .net.  And software licensing.

    And sheer aesthetics. Why should it be a crime or against the rules for a PC to actually be designed?  I am grateful as all hell that I am able to look at my desktop and see an elegant marriage of form and function, with just a bit of fun thrown in.

    And that not only makes a workday easier to deal with, but I also belive more productive as well.

    hey, I’d throw a winkie in here back at ya, but I haven’t learned ‘em yet.  I hope I don’t seem overly testy;  I just came from a web article from Coursey telling us, again, why the new iMac will be just a bump on Apple’s downward spiral, PC’s have tried that before, no floppy, etc…


    Most PC users deserve Windows.

  • Posted: 09 January 2002 12:31 AM #13

    One other thing that hasn’t been mentioned:

    My best friend had an Aspire which suffered CD death, and due to the beautiful (term used avisedly) curve of the tower, no third party CD unit could be used to replace the internal unit. Granted, even Macs are ultimately (of late) designed with whole-unit replacement in mind, but at least the hardware tends to be somewhat more durable than PC hardware.


    Seemed like a good idea at the time

  • Posted: 09 January 2002 07:15 AM #14

    i don’t know, i kind of like the ‘ikebana’ design, the idea of getting one in and our i.t. dept having to figure out where things are so they can install the latest software is kind of funny.


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  • Posted: 09 January 2002 08:20 AM #15

    “Koi” looks like a gaping fish head.  A blue gaping fish head.

    Everybody, save a link to this page!  Any Wintel user who complains that Macs are ugly should be directed to Intel’s designs so they can be silenced most righteously. 


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