New iPod Promo - $100 rebate with any new Mac

  • Posted: 25 April 2002 05:28 AM


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  • Posted: 23 April 2002 09:29 PM #1

    I SWEAR that someone here had thought of this idea.

    Damned if I could remember their name, though.


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    Posted: 24 April 2002 06:06 AM #2

    Thanks for the heads up, BlueDjinn!  We published a short mention of the deal this morning.


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  • Posted: 24 April 2002 06:40 AM #3

    That’s all the incentive I need.  I’ll be buying one.


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  • Posted: 24 April 2002 07:13 AM #4

    I was planning on getting a SuperDrive iMac & an iPod anyway;  this makes the whole thing a wash, price-wise.

    But ... 5gig?  Or 10?

    Decisions, decisions…:evil grin:


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  • Posted: 24 April 2002 07:31 AM #5

    I would have bought with out the incentive or not. I plan to upgrade to a new pro system this summer.


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  • Posted: 24 April 2002 10:29 AM #6

    Well since I already have one (5 gig)  I dont really need another one, My wife is wanting one so it would be nice to get another, but since Im still pretty happy with my Cube, I dont need another Mac.  This is all so typical of Apple, listen to what the people want and then give it to them, But under their terms, and our cash.

  • Posted: 24 April 2002 10:34 AM #7

    (hitting head to wall) i already got an ipod…should have waited

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    Posted: 24 April 2002 10:43 AM #8

    .o’d angry face:

    that’d've gotten me to order from the apple store….


    ah well… life goes on



  • Posted: 24 April 2002 11:28 AM #9

    GEEZ, I just bought an iMac (and another for a friend too).  Now this.  I would’ve also picked up an iPod if this offer had been available.  How about making the offer retroactive a couple weeks so I can buy an iPod???

  • Posted: 24 April 2002 12:42 PM #10

    Well, the latest iMac just went up a hundred bucks, so it’s a wash if you buy into this “deal” with the iPod.  I love my iPod, BTW, and recommend it to anyone who loves music and likes to travel with all your favorites.  A friend has the newest one (10 gigs) - and is ecstatic with its capabilities.  Lucky guy was able to use all my music and playlists - beautifully organized!  It can also store addresses of contacts and has an equalizer - what a deal!



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  • Posted: 24 April 2002 12:48 PM #11

    My oops - the 5 gig iPod has the same capabilities as the 10 gig (except, of course, not as much storage), if you download the software, which, if I have been correctly informed, is free! How ‘bout that?!



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  • Posted: 25 April 2002 12:33 AM #12

    You’re right, pamelatc, I downloaded Apple’s software from their site some time ago, and it gives me the same functions as the newer iPod models.
    Basically, it’s just a software update.

    And, yes, it’s totally free. Enjoy!



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  • Posted: 25 April 2002 05:28 AM #13

    On 2002-04-24 09:40, imaketracks wrote:
    That’s all the incentive I need.  I’ll be buying one.

    Well I was very excited to read about this promotion, because I’m considering a new Mac (because of the iPod), and I had seen the Airport promo recently (and I wasn’t going to buy an iBook without Airport).

    But then I logged onto Apple Australia’s website, and found it is not being offered in Australia!! Nor is the Airport promo either !! So basically my set-up is going to cost $AUD 400 more !! Not bloody good enough Apple !! Treat us equally over here or bugger off !!