New PowerBooks announced! (specs pretty much like last week'

  • Posted: 30 April 2002 09:01 AM

    The PowerBook reports from last week were pretty much on:

    Few quick specs:

    [*]1280x854 resolution on the 15.2” display
    [*]ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 w/ 32MB DDR SDRAM for video
    [*]667MHz or 800MHz G4
    [*]1MB DDR L3 Cache!! (should be good for an extra performance boost over and above the clock speed bump)
    [*]DVI output for video, ships *with* VGA adapter (ADC for Apple flat panels available with ~$150 adapter, much less than having to buy $250-300 PC Card first)
    [*]30 and 40GB drives standard, 60GB BTO
    [*]256MB RAM standard on 667, 512MB standard on 800

    That oughta be enough to get you started.

  • Posted: 29 April 2002 05:17 AM #1

    A very nice upgrade; display, cpu and graphics (and DVI out) is about as much as you could hope for (except for a Superdrive, but thats something to look forward to in the future .

    I’m sure whichever lucky person buys the top of the line, will notice a significant speed increase from the old Powerbook.

    All in all a very good day for Apple announcements. Now, who prefers announcements that fall outside of trade shows? So much more pleasurable

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    Posted: 29 April 2002 07:24 AM #2

    I think the new TiBooks are awesome, FWIW.  The speed bump works for me, and the L3 cache works even more.  The higher resolution on the display, however, is what makes me really wish I didn’t have a two and a half month old 667 TiBook upon which I am writing this now. 

    Just kidding, of course.  I am thankful to have my new TiBook, but I also have a bit of new TiBook envy.

    Our story on this went up an hour and a half ago.  I have some additional comments in the Spin of that piece.


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  • Posted: 29 April 2002 07:37 AM #3

    Yeah, and I commented on your comments over there.

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    Posted: 29 April 2002 08:18 AM #4

    Just to clear up a comment on the page you had Bryan:

    This is a comparison etween the Radeon Mobility used in the Powerbook, compared to the GeForce2Go you think they should have used. No offence, but I think you bit into nVidea’s marketing hype a bit too firmly.


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  • Posted: 29 April 2002 08:22 AM #5

    By all rights, the newest Radeons are decent performers (both mobile and otherwise).  nVidia enjoys a better reputation these days, but as in many other things, one is not always better all the time.

    To be clear, though, the Mobility Radeon in the PB has only 32MB, but it is otherwise the same 4x AGP 7500 model.  (In Tom’s Hardware they tested a 64MB model.)

    Also some speculation surrounded using the GeForce4Go, which may spec better than the 2Go.

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  • Posted: 29 April 2002 08:23 AM #6

    I’ve been lurking on the forums for a few weeks now. Trying to gather buying advice for a new PowerBook G4.

    This new line sure excites me. Although I still have to wait a few months and save up some money :`(``
    I have my eye on the 800Mhz model. I’m also excited about the Graphics chip upgrade. hmmm. 32mb… 

    I’m wondering. The TMO story it said that the ‘book comes with a DVI-ADC adapter while the apple store (education) says it comes with a DVI-VGA adapter. Which is correct? If I would be pluging it into any monitor is will be a VGA. So I hope its the DVI-VGA adapter.(Wish I had the money for a new monitor with a ADC connection :`(``
    Anyway, I don’t really need to plug it into a monitor. I’m sure the LCD is just fine(maybe better?)

    I plan on this being my main computer for the next 5+ years. Do you think that it will last that long?
    I had a power book 190(you know with the ‘040) and I had all kinds of problems with that one. (bottom half of the screen died, mouse button broke etc.) So, I am somewhat worried. those that have powerbooks that are a few years old, how long did it last?
    I’m planing on the applecare program anyway. but that will only last three years… for the price I think they could have made it a little longer…. oh well, I cant have everything….
    I cant wait tell I can order one of those things.

    See you around the forums…
    Tapp Darden

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  • Posted: 29 April 2002 08:28 AM #7

    It comes with DVI-VGA adapter, so out of the box it can run DVI or VGA external displays.  DVI-ADC is much more complicated.  Because ADC includes USB and power as well as the video signal on the same cable, what is required is a box that aggregates the DVI video signal, a USB signal (will have to plug into the USB port as well as the DVI) and a power supply which will plug into the wall.  These cost $150, though if you buy a PB and Apple dispaly and adapter right now, you get a $150 rebate, making the adapter free essentially.

  • Posted: 29 April 2002 08:56 AM #8

    On 2002-04-29 11:23, Tapp Darden wrote:

    So, I am somewhat worried. those that have powerbooks that are a few years old, how long did it last?

    Welcome aboard Tapp.  I’ve had a PB5300 for about 6 years now.  I stopped using it as my main machine a year ago, but it held up very well (aside from the original 5300 problems that were a quirk of that line in particular, at least mine never burst into flames )  I still use it to check email from home. 



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  • Posted: 29 April 2002 08:58 AM #9

    With such a great price decrease on the 667 at $500, and the added screen resolution, added screen real estate of extended desktop on all of Apple’s LCD displays, and the better videocard, this 667 is a real temptation if it weren’t for the fact I already went after the Flat Panel iMac 800 model.  First things first though, if my local Starbucks gets wireless and I can’t use my Wallstreet at Starbucks for some strange reason, if it wears out, at least now I have a real upgrade of an option. 
    The new 667 is itself a fantastic list price.  Imagine the prices once it comes to places like Outpost and Powermax.

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    Posted: 29 April 2002 10:16 AM #10

    Hey Tapp,

    Welcome to the forums! CrazyOne was correct when he said the PowerBooks come with DVI - VGA adapter, and our story has been corrected.  My apologies for the confusion.

    As for the GeForce2Go to Radeon comparison, I wanted to point out that I said: “The better graphics card is also a much welcomed change, though we wish Apple would move to NVIDIA’s mobile line.” NVIDIA has a GeForce4Go card, three of them in fact , that would spank the Radeon.

    The Radeon is a HUGE improvement on the lame Rage 128 Mobility, but it’s not the GeForce line. Honestly, I would probably stop planning on getting a desktop PowerMac if my own TiBook had the Radeon Mobility, but I stand by my desire to see Apple move its portable line to NVIDIA.


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  • Posted: 29 April 2002 11:58 AM #11

    The new TiBooks are missing IR!

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  • Posted: 29 April 2002 12:44 PM #13

    With Bluetooth, who needs IR?  IR is dead. With Bluetooth, you no longer have to line up the IR ports to synchronize to a Palm.  If you need a longer working distance, you can also use Airport.

    The new Powerbooks are nice. They are about twice as fast as the older Powerbook G3 500 with general use software (not using Altivec - such as Filemaker database work, word processing, calendar, organizer software).  However, I wished they were four times faster. A machine that is four times faster in general use software is a next generation machine in my book. Thus, I can wait a little longer, particularly since most of my computing needs are for database use - for which MHz is more important that Altivec.  A 1.0 GHz model would be more tempting. A 1.4 GHz model would be bought outright at whatever price - given consideration for Altivec over a G3.

  • Posted: 29 April 2002 12:51 PM #14

    Overall, I am impressed. I like the idea of the ‘low-end’ of the Ti line being at 667Mhz.

    Good job, Apple.



    Hmmm… software.

  • Posted: 29 April 2002 01:07 PM #15

    Yes, they did remove the IR port, and they added (back) the sound input port.