ReNamed: How to stop iPhoto from opening instead of iTunes

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    Posted: 25 October 2008 02:13 PM

    So, originally this was my problem and it got no responses. I think that’s because it’s a sticky one and I had to dig pretty deep into Apple’s support discussions to find a few solutions.
    Why this happens:

    v2.0 iphone/iPod touch software adds the ability to capture screenshots and save pics from web pages and emails to your IPT (they end up in a Saved Pictures folder in Photos; these are then synced to iPhoto, which is why the iPod is now recognized as a “camera”.

    One solution, but…

    The application that controls how the Mac responds to how to handle what happens when a camera is plugged in is the Image Capture application, not iPhoto (and that?s the one kicker here-if you make this change, iPhoto will not automatically open for any camera you plug into this computer).

    To change the behavior:

    1. Open Image Capture (in your Applications directory)
    2. Open the Preferences panel (Image Capture > Preferences?)
    3. Change the drop down following ?When a camera is connected, open:? to ?No application?

    So, I did this and iPhoto stopped opening. But, iTunes still didn’t open for me automatically. I found instructions on how to re-install “iTunes Helper” which was neccessary to get it opening again automatically:

    sync, then uncheck the box for the option to open iTunes when that iPod is hooked up, sync again, then check the box, and sync one last time. A dialog box pops up that asks if it’s OK to install “iTunes Helper”. Say “yes”. Now it works.

    another option for stopping iPhoto, but must be repeated…

    Its because you have saved photo(s) on your Touch. Go to `Photos` and look in the `Saved Photos` album. Delete all the images in there and that should stop iPhoto opening.

    This happens when you save email attachments etc.

    So, I ended up doing all of the above, I may have even gone back and undid the first one so as not to eliminate the camera option. But in any case, this is how to fix it and how to get iTunes opening again if the fix you choose only takes care of stoping iPhoto.  smile

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