Rumors and anti-rumors

  • Posted: 08 September 2009 11:18 PM

    Bin a very weird run up to this event. Normally by now we’d have had all sorts of leaks but this time around we have had quite a few “named sources” from Apple pooh-poohing some rumors and that just about covers up any leaks that were around.

    John Gruber has his traditional list of thoughts on what tomorrow will bring - but there seems to be as many articles by others by what tomorrow will NOT bring.

    We know that the building has been completely covered in that image used for the invite. But apart from that very little else.

    Lots of people are saying that the iPods with cameras aren’t going to be launched because the technology isn’t working. What? Is it REALLY that difficult to get a camera going in a device that doesn’t have a cellular phone attached? Or is it that Apple can’t keep up with the demand for the iPhone 3Gs (however it is supposed to be written theses days) and have decided to pull the launch of the camera based iPods while trying to keep up with the demand for the phone?

    It does seem mighty strange for Apple to have their annual iPod product launch and then not actually release the thing so I think that it should make an appearance.

    And what is it with the date thing?

    We have known for a long time that the Beatles have got some stuff coming out tomorrow. Why would Apple go into battle on that day when they knew what the press is going to be covering? I mean the brouhaha Microsoft put into the importance of that date with the launch of Rock Band: Beatles Edition.

    I think Apple has something big up it’s sleeve. Really big. Something that will garner the attention of the day over all other news. Don’t really know if a new iTunes is going to cut it. Well in about 1/2 a day we should find out. But thought it might be interesting to bring up these points here.



  • Posted: 09 September 2009 12:29 AM #1

    I’m sticking with my June 26th post but only Jobs knows at this point in time:

    I?ll go one step further and predict that we?ll see an Apple TV (referring to a real TV) and the iPod Max this September as part of the Christmas line up.


    I don’t mind being wrong…,I just hate being wrong so FAST!

  • Posted: 09 September 2009 01:48 AM #2

    I’m trying to remember the last time we had a boffo new product out of left field at one of these events.  Either Apple is getting better at keeping a lid on things, or it will be a tepid event tomorrow.  I predict the latter. 

    I don’t see a stand-alone Apple TV offering.  I mean, Apple hasn’t even updated its 30” Cinema Display yet!

    I think Apple has another non-iPod event in September to come…

  • Posted: 09 September 2009 01:56 AM #3

    I think Apple has something big up it?s sleeve. Really big.

    I’ve been toying with this too, but I don’t really believe it. Another apparent anticlimax coming, I think. There is so much innovation available to Apple, and we are constantly infuriated that they don’t announce all of it immediately. Usually, the innovation is introduced gradually, over several years, with no discontinuities. We barely notice it.

    iPods with cameras? Just a cover story to conceal the real product those cameras are going in? (Which is (a) iPhones in secretly higher volume or (b) mini-tablet/big iPod.) Those iPod cases with camera holes? Misinformation leaked to over-eager Chinese manufacturers? The “problems” with the camera? Cover story to explain the lack of product before the launch?

    Here’s the thing: a camera in the iPod is fine, but on its own it says: end-of-life kicker for a tired product line. But as a key component of enhanced mobile social networking, boom. Something really innovative via bluetooth or WiFi?

    A big iPod touch? I think now is the right time. I hope so. An even bigger tablet later.
    Updated Apple TV. Yes.
    An actual TV set? I don’t think so. A good way to turn TV partners into TV competitors. A low margin product sold via channels Apple doesn’t use. How do you get it home from the Apple store? The 24 inch screen is awkward enough.

  • Posted: 09 September 2009 10:44 AM #4

    artman1033 - 09 September 2009 01:31 PM

    NEED pictures of the new iPods?

    I think the touch pictures are pretty fake - IF, and if, it has a camera then why the home screen have no camera app?



  • Posted: 09 September 2009 10:47 AM #5

    Best Buy already has the new iPod cases (with camera hole) in their catalog. So I think we’ll see them for sure. I’d also like to see iTunes get the update we’ve been reading about?ability to organize apps on computer and then syncing that organization to iPhone/Touch.

  • Posted: 09 September 2009 10:51 AM #6

    artman1033 - 09 September 2009 01:31 PM

    NEED pictures of the new iPods?

    Why would Cygnette risk having Apple drop them as an accessory maker?

  • Posted: 09 September 2009 12:03 PM #7

    OK it looks like the iPod is getting HD output.



  • Posted: 09 September 2009 01:57 PM #8

    rattyuk - 09 September 2009 03:03 PM

    OK it looks like the iPod is getting HD output.

    I suspect it already has it (software update only). As with Zune HD, you’ll need an extra dongle of some sort to do this, and that’ll have an Apple chip inside.