Transferring music from MacBook to a friend’s iPhone ?

  • Posted: 20 April 2010 11:53 PM

    Hi there, does anyone out there in the Macinterweb know exactly how I can download some of the music from my MacBook Pro (in my iTunes thingy), to a friend’s iPhone?
    Just to complicate matters, I have an iPhone 3Gs too - which I can synch & download music into quite simply, but I havn’t tried it with another iPhone.
    If anyone could answer this query in a step-by-step manner, without all the geekspeaky jargon, it would be greatly appreciated by this semi-luddite…
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  • Posted: 26 April 2010 03:21 PM #1

    There isn’t a simple step-by-step process for doing this using Apple-approved software. Syncing with a different computer’s iTunes library requires you to remove existing media from the iPhone first. It works this way as a concession to the music and movie industries, to make it harder to copy music you don’t own.

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