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    AllthingsD have been showing reruns of his other appearances across the years over the last couple of weeks and very interesting it has been too. Generally though it appears that Steve has never used this as a launch pad for anything although he has given some sneak peeks of software upgrades in a couple of them.

    Certainly he showed off this new fangled podcasting thing in iTunes a few years back and at the D5 he showed the Apple TV off with some new features.

    SO I don’t think that he will use it to launch anything - although that would be cool - and generally keesp stuff pretty close to his chest. Over the years the interviewing has got a little more fractious almost as though Walt knows he’s not going to get much out of Steve so he tries probing questions that tend to get enigmatic smiles from Steve.

    There are lots of questions that Walt should ask, like Gizmodo, Google and other things.

    D1 - 2003

    D2 - 2004

    D3 - 2005

    D5 - 2007

    A note for those of you watching on iPads - the AllthingsD site appears to have a page refresh at around 20 minutes and you will have to watch it in sections. You have been warned.

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    I’m sure others will be covering, but Engadget are going to be live blogging D8 tomorrow 6pm PT - 9 pm ET for those of us on the east coast.

    The holding page is here.

    On another note the BBC still haven’t reported the iPad sales figures as of 10pm ET. I know it was a bank holiday in the UK as it was here in the US but seems a tad remiss of them. Perhaps they are reeling from the sheer influx of positive Apple news and it doesn’t compete with their pro MS bias?

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