Rage HD

  • Posted: 18 November 2010 10:10 AM

    Last night, John Carmack’s ID Software released Rage for iOS. There are two versions - a 99 cent version for the iPhone / iPodTouch and an HD version for the iPad and the Retina display at $1.99.

    For a game of this quality to be released shows just what the iPad is in terms of it’s graphics and game playing capabilities…

    The pricing seems pretty aggressive too.



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    Posted: 19 November 2010 03:20 PM #1

    Downloaded the game, the graphics are impressive on the iPad.  Its a rails shooter and the touch screen controls on a FPS just don’t work well compared to using a controller, but last year I bought Metal Gear Solid for iPhone and I felt ripped off paying $10.  Rage is definitely worth the $2, but if they would just open up an app store for the Apple TV and create a decent controller the console game market would suddenly have a low cost system to compete with the established players.

  • Posted: 19 November 2010 03:21 PM #2

    I have to confess that I was a little disappointed with there only being 3 levels but it looked great and the videos were great too and I can’t really complain about the 2 bucks.