Samsung planning to differentiate itself in smartphones

  • Posted: 22 November 2010 08:18 AM

    Confirmed: Samsung doubling down on Windows Phone 7, sidelines Android
    Posted on Mon, 22 Nov 2010 02:29:00 EST by Daniel Rubino

    We mentioned last week that Samsung was making Windows Phone 7 its number one OS, knocking Android down a notch and putting their own Bada OS in a distant third.

    Now a graph, reportedly from Samsung themselves, seemingly confirms the earlier story that for 2011 Samsung will put Windows Phone on 63% of its smartphone releases. Android follows in a distant second with just 32% and Bada at a tiny 6%.

    Samsung must see something special with Windows Phone 7 and evidently that “licensing cost” argument is blown out of the water. Free licenses alone won’t win you OEM love, our little robot friend. Now if Sammy could just bring their Super AMOLED gear to the remaining carriers…

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  • Posted: 22 November 2010 08:59 AM #1

    I had seen this story elsewhere on the web. There appears to be some skepticism that it has actually been confirmed by Samsung.  If so, it certainly represents a rapid shift in strategy.

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    Posted: 22 November 2010 10:41 AM #2

    It will be interesting to see how this affects the rate of growth of Android in 2011, the Samsung Galaxy sales have been pretty solid.  With LG, HTC & Samsung dividing their attention between Android and WP7, over the next few quarters the unfettered growth of Android maybe contained as device makers look reestablish their ties to Microsoft.

  • Posted: 22 November 2010 10:51 AM #3

    This is a problem when you spend all your time talking about “activations”... It only requires a third party to come in - desperate for market share and with very deep pockets - to split your manufacturers up.

    If Microsoft are throwing as much money at this as I suspect they are I would expect Android figures to drop off for a bit until the market works itself out.

    I don’t think many iPhone users will make the jump though, although I have had discussions over the weekend with people who disagree and say there will be a rout! I begged to differ.



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    pats - 22 November 2010 02:41 PM

    It will be interesting to see how this affects the rate of growth of Android in 2011, the Samsung Galaxy sales have been pretty solid.

    BGR is reporting 600,000 sales of the Tab since launch.

    Samsung sells 600,000 Galaxy Tab units worldwide
    By: Zach Epstein | Nov 22nd, 2010 at 08:30AM

    If you build it, they will come. According to a report from Korean newspaper The Korean Herald, Samsung has confirmed global sales numbers for its virgin tablet offering. In its first month of availability, the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab has sold 600,000 units ? likely making it the most popular Android tablet in the world. Samsung is reportedly pleased with the Galaxy Tab?s performance in its premier month, saying demand outpaced supply in most markets. In Samsung?s home market in Korea, the company sold 30,000 Galaxy Tabs in the tablet?s first week of availability. Interestingly, Apple?s iPad is set to launch on November 30th and according to The Korean Herald, the company has already taken 40,000 pre-orders in less than a week.