October 25

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    Posted: 02 October 2012 09:03 AM

    Apple will be releasing it’s 2012q4 earnings results of Thursday, October 25.

    Any clues as to why the change from Tuesday to Thursday? Is there are important reason?

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    Posted: 02 October 2012 06:28 PM #1

    They don’t want to be overshadowed by the Justin Bieber concert in Rosemont, IL?


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  • Posted: 05 October 2012 02:48 PM #2

    Previous ER:

    Tue, Jul 24
    Tue, Apr 24
    Tue, Jan 24
    Tue, Oct 18
    Tue, Jul 19
    Wed, Apr 20
    Tue, Jan 18
    Mon, Oct 18
    Tue, Jul 20
    Tue, Apr 20
    Mon, Jan 25


    May be they are waiting for a specific milestone or news to be released by then. Now that iPad mini chatter is fever pitch. May it is one week of sales data. Just guessing.

  • Posted: 07 October 2012 08:23 PM #3

    It’s a crowded week for earnings releases. The good news is all three national carriers offering the iPhone will report activations before Apple’s earnings release and corresponding conference call with analysts.

  • Posted: 10 October 2014 01:35 AM #4

    Wow. You are a geek, aren’t you? LOL