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    Posted: 03 September 2013 11:55 PM

    I always see friends on twitter saying that it’s so great when my iPhone is naked. Or something like naked iPhone is so beautiful but it’s too risky to let it naked. Funny. But it always make me think that why people are not willing to cloth iPhone and take risk of bring damage to it. Yeah, because iPhone itself is beautiful and the cheap crappy iPhone cases ruin everything. But without a case iPhone will wear out. Now everything has been changed. No more naked iPhone because every iPhone fans will put Miwolife unique made iPhone cases on their iPhone. Here are 5 reasons.


    With 3D Colored Painting Miwolife iPhone cases are not only phone cases, they will synchronize with the luxes in your wardrobe. Moreover as symbol of art and luxe, they’re good choice for personal collecting or special gift to the one you love.

    2. Protection

    Every iPhone has accumulated wear and tear over the years. Shit happens, and things fall on the ground. Miwolife bamboo or wood iPhone case is form fitting and the convenient port can perfectly fit your iPhone and protect it from scrapes and scratches. Rubberized plastic interior and edge is for flexible insert and long-lasting durability.

    3.  Natural Material


    All of our bamboo was imported from Yangtze River basin, China. In eastern culture, bamboo has been people’s favorite material in making daily necessities since ancient times. It’s evergreen and is believed to longer human being’s lives. Modern science has proved that it’s antimicrobial. With the friction between bamboo surface and our skin and after the absorbing of our sweat, bamboo surface becomes brighter and smoother and our skin gets protection. Bamboo also has special scent. When processing our phone case, our craftsmen kept the natural scent of bamboo. Modern composite techniques applied, our phone cases have proved to be hardly cracked.

    Cherry wood

    Cherry wood is a brown American hardwood that has a hint of pink or dark red to it. It darkens with age, and this quality is considered both desirable and beautiful. Traditionally, cherry wood is used to make furniture. Now we find that cherry wood is a wonderful material to decorate your cell phone. By carefully chiseling and polishing, the cherry wood case finally shows its original quality that is elegance, romance and vintage.

    Walnut wood

    We chose the best walnut wood which is the Black Walnut Heartwood. It is called the “Tungsten of Wood” because of its hardness and color. It is rich dark brown to purplish-black and is usually straight grained. This medium density wood is tough and hard. After carefully chiseling and polishing, the black walnut wood case is like a gentleman in tuxedo.

    4. Quality guarantee

    As Amazon Prime member, we have quality and return guarantee. Here is the link on Amazon:

    5.How we distinguish

    Did I mention that before we designed the cases we have done a lot of research on the bamboo and wood cases? Customers may read several bamboo or wood iPhone case reviews on Amazon. One big problem will be found immediately which is pure wood or bamboo are easy to crack and not durable. To overcome the shortage of natural material, our designers work together with our factory and have done many many experiments. Finally they made it. Applying composite technology is all that I can say here.

    Did you see other difference between Miwolife bamboo or wood iPhone cases and other bamboo or wood ones? Most ones are pale and weak. Miwolife designs on culture and art and uses 3D colored painting technology to rich the design. Bet you cannot see any colored bamboo or wood iPhone case except for Miwolife.

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