MGG 507: Blow It Out To Cool It Off

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Got dust? You've probably got heat, too. Your favorite geeks – and fellow listeners – have your advice for you. How about managing a NAS drive and keeping your data in the right place? What about the disks themselves? How about some general tips for running about in the Terminal? Traveling and want to bring good-sounding tunes with you? All this and more in today's show!

MGG 507: Blow It Out To Cool It Off

Jun. 22, 2014 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Alex Santos

Re the data detectors. Not related to detectors but…
Command-I preps an email with the entire web page
Command-Shift-I preps an email with the URL only

This works in Safari since 10.5 I believe.

Alex Santos

More on data detection here: OS X Mountain Lion: Automatically detect dates, locations, and contacts

Alex Santos

A compressed air can does at times spew out liquid oxygen, be careful and yes do be careful because it can be very cold and freeze parts risking them to crack. Your mac has sensitive parts in there. You can also use an SMC fan control app to crank up the fans. However be prepared to see a lot of dust (depending) on how old your mac is. I revived an old iMac that was crashing, kernel panicking and freezing randomly with graphics glitches. Turns out it was a combo of dust and low fan speeds. I now use a SMC fan control and raise the Fan RPM slightly and the results are great. I thought this old iMac 2006 was done but not at all.

Alex Santos

If you are interested in HDs and their reliability, this is a pretty good link,

Alex Santos

Time Machine backups and how to delete them, yes you can wipe and start over but there are some other approaches. The page I link to below refers to OS X 10.5 but it is still relevant up to Mavericks. The article, is actually written by who I believe is an AppleCare employee. If not then I am pretty confident that it links from as a user tip. It’s pretty good.

All things Time Machine link:

OTHER unrelated but cool content on Apple Community Forums (just be sure to click on “User Tips”):

Alex Santos

I believe the partitions tabs in airport utility refers to drives connected through USB to your TC or AE. In my case, my Extreme has a few drives hanging off it and they appear under partitions.

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