MGG 298: Cool Stuff Found!

It’s time for another Cool Stuff Found episode. Yep, folks, John and Dave bring you a TON of great tips, software, tricks, and apps to make your computing life — and, indeed, your life in general — smoother and more fun! You won’t want to miss this so download today and enjoy!

MGG 298: Cool Stuff Found!

Nov. 16, 2010 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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I was happy to hear that using Podcaster I’d be able to get your Premium content downloaded directly to my iPhone. However, when I launched Podcaster and then entered your podcast URL feed:// then entered my username and password in the spaces for this underneath the URL it failed to import w a 404 error. Any suggestions? Love the show!


BTW I also tried
w no success

Dave Hamilton

I used

and that worked for me. There was a note in the latest podcaster release notes that said they added direct support for passwords, too, so maybe that will help.


Developer of Podcaster here.

Edrademd: The original link started with feed:// and that was the reason the app didn’t import it correctly. The current app store version of Podcaster 3.7.1 has a login button on the import screen so you can enter credentials. No more reason to use the work around Dave mentions. Let us know if you still have trouble.


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