2019 Black Friday: what were the best tech deals on the internet?

A global consumer market is a vast place where trillions of dollars are made every single day. And in a world where everything is moving towards online services, remote retails take a big chunk of that market.

People all around the world shop for their favorite products online using some of the biggest platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and countless more. And even though every day is like a jackpot day for those providers, there’s one particular holiday that really takes sales to a whole new level.

We’re talking about Black Friday, obviously. It is probably the most exciting day for shoppers since almost every single retailer makes a huge discount on their products. Starting from the best rated betting websites in Norway all the way to clothing retailers in New Zealand, everyone is pulling down their prices to make this day a memorable experience for the world.

Get tech-savvy with Black Friday discounts

Now, there’s one particular industry that’s been prevalent in Black Friday sales – tech. People deliberately wait for this day without making any serious tech purchases to then go ahead and load their shopping baskets with laptops, consoles, smartphones, and other gadgets.

However, Black Friday is also a day when you can easily get run over by an overwhelmed crowd in the shopping malls and venues. Besides, no one really likes to stand in the boring queues and wait for their turn to get their product for good. But, lucky for them, we live in the internet era where you can buy literally everything remotely from your living room.

And yes, online retail works for Black Friday as well. There are loads of websites that provide a diverse platform for looking up your favorite deals and promotions. And while they make it easy to find the best Black Friday deals, they’re still not effective in terms of pushing those deals to your device instantly.

That’s the reason why we’ve compiled several online sources that make it particularly easy to track those tech deals that you’re considering to buy on this holiday. You can use all of them as your browser’s extension and make shopping even simpler. And what’s more, they’re all free – add products that you’re interested in and rest assured that you’ll be the first to know when their price goes to your limits. So, without further ado, let’s take a close look at them.

PC Part Picker

Let’s start with the first one – PC Part Picker. Now, we all know how daunting and even discouraging assembling your own PC can be. You have to know which part goes to which motherboard and which socket style, not to mention bandwidths and all those tech terms.

Lucky for you, there’s PC Part Picker which works in two ways: first, it lists PC components that are compatible with each other, so that you don’t need to do the guessing on your own.

Second, and more importantly – once you’ve made a complete list of your preferred parts, the website will show you a chart illustrating the price movements for a particular component. Once you set up an account and enter your email, the website will automatically notify you via email about price drops and sales on mainstream retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and more.


The next option for your successful Black Friday experience is Honey. Honey is a browser extension – be it Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, which was created to track the prices of products that you’re interested in.

In cooperation with big retailers like eBay, Amazon, etc. its platform can track thousands of different products that are sold online. Here’s how it works: once you’ve found an item that you want to buy after a discount, an option to add this item to your “Droplist” will appear automatically. After you’ve done that, you can set the price watch duration along with the discount percentage that you’re looking for.

Everything else is done automatically by Honey. It will even search for discount codes that various websites offer. These codes can be applied to your checkout, saving you even more money.


Similar to Honey, CamelCamelCamel is also a price-tracking website that works exclusively on Amazon. It checks the prices of every product that’s sold there, including tech gadgets and devices.

Once you create a free account on CamelCamelCamel, you can add your favorite items on a wishlist and set a specific price of your liking. Once its actual price reaches that point, the website will send you a notification email and prompt you to make a purchase.

You can also install a browser extension of this website. With it, you can track the pricing trends of every product and set your preferred price points inside Amazon – you won’t have to go to their actual website.


Slickdeals is yet another platform that can greatly benefit your Black Friday shopping experience. However, it works a little bit differently than the above-mentioned websites. Basically, Slickdeals collects the best deals and discounts around the internet and then brings them right to your dashboard.

On this website, the deal alerts are based on the keywords that you enter – be it specific product names like Microsoft Surface or just whole retailers like Best Buy. After you’ve filled your wishlist, you’ll get notifications when a certain discount meets your requirements. Slickdeals works not just on tech devices – you can type practically any keyword there and it will still track Black Friday deals.

So, when Black Friday approaches and you want to be at your finest, do look for these websites and platforms that let you track your favorite deals. Remember, a good deal is as good as the effort that you put into obtaining it!