3 Web Browsers For Your iPhone That Aren’t Safari

iphone” (CC BY 2.0) by Witches Falls Cotages

For many iPhone users, Apple’s default mobile browser Safari is perfectly fine but that doesn’t mean it’s the best browser for everyone. Here, we’ll be taking a quick look at what other browsers that you can find in the App Store have to offer.

Google Chrome: The All Rounder

Chromercise.” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by isaacbowen

First up we have Google Chrome, the best web browser for anyone who uses their iPhone to connect to surf the web. Using Google Chrome on your mobile is particularly useful if you already use it on other devices as well. This is because your Google account will carry across everything from your web history to your active browser tabs. Say, for instance, you were watching a video or playing blackjack on your laptop, you could then open the browser on your iPhone and continue with no fuss. 

Dolphin: For Online Casino Gamers On The Go

Despite not being quite as popular as other browsers on this list, Dolphin is a great alternative to Safari. With easy shortcut crafting ability and draw gestures, this browser is perfect for anyone who likes online games such as slots, poker or roulette. For example, let’s say you’re all geared up to use the hundreds – if not thousands – of free spins for online slots that are available at online casinos during the festive season, but you have to leave the house. Simply make a shortcut using Dolphin and you’ll be able to access online casinos easily. This is especially great for those casino gaming sites that are yet to bring out an app counterpart.

Opera Coast: For The Adventurous 

Finally, we have Opera Coast, the ideal web browser for anyone who enjoys finding new areas of the internet to explore. For instant access to interesting content, Opera Coast is great as it will offer plenty of suggestions for you to look at. That’s in addition to many other features including an unlimited number of bookmarks that act like apps, a simple interface and easy access to your web history. 

Safari is a great web browser for iPhone users, but it doesn’t have to be your web browser, you don’t have to stick with it just because it’s the default. Instead, try using these other options for a bit and see which browser really works for you.