5 Best Bitcoin Apps for Mac

Everyone wants to experience the incredible benefits of using this Bitcoin, but as most people aren’t tech-savvy, they tend to steer clear, afraid they won’t be able to best utilize it. This is why particular companies have created easy to use apps to help you keep track of your Bitcoins and assist in their trading. If you’re a proud owner of a Mac and are looking to get into the world of Bitcoin, here are the best apps that can help you with that.

Bitcoin Pro

If you’re interested in potentially making some great money from Bitcoin but don’t feel too secure in your knowledge of trading, then the Bitcoin Pro app might be your perfect companion. Using advanced trading software, Bitcoin Pro offers its users the chance to trade Bitcoin automatically through the use of algorithms with incredibly high accuracy. Making money passively has never been easier, so sign up now, and enjoy trading Bitcoin with this award-winning app.


As one of the oldest Bitcoin wallets to grace the Mac OS, Electrum is a veteran in the Bitcoin industry. Thanks to its long time in the business, it has an edge over a lot of other competitors, offering quite a long list of beneficial features. As one of the only Bitcoin apps released under an MIT license, Electrum allows users to run servers themselves and export their private keys to be used with different clients. This paired with its modern security features make it a force to be reckoned with.


The Jaxx app is one of the most widely available ones, functioning on most platforms out there. This means that even if your mac isn’t available for a period, you can always access it through a different device. One of the best things about the Jaxx app is that it stores your private keys locally on your laptop or computer. On top of that, Jaxx respects the anonymity of its users, which is why it doesn’t require any personal information for you to send and receive Bitcoins.


As one of the oldest and largest Bitcoin Wallets in the world, Coinbase has amassed quite a big user base that seems to be only growing by the day. Being a web-based wallet, Coinbase is very easy to use and can act as a way to store, trade, sell, and buy Bitcoins. While the fact that it’s web-based might give it its biggest strength which is the ease of use, it also exposes it to the risk of hacking and other problems that you have to watch out for yourself.


If you’re looking for some very detailed reports on Bitcoin exchanges, look no further than the BitNow app. With BitNow you get a lot more than you would with other Bitcoin trackers, and since being informed is key when it comes to Bitcoin trading, you only benefit from using it. Highs, lows, bids, last traded values, and a lot more where that came from, BitNow brings its users an almost traditional stock experience when it comes to Bitcoin.