5 Best Money Management Apps for iPhone

Keeping track of your finances has never been more difficult, as we constantly buy and sell stuff on the web. At the same time, spending money has never been more convenient and it’s easy to get carried away, especially if you are an impulsive buyer.

There are various ways to spend money on the web. We often visit online shops such as Amazon, buy software, order food, play online casino games, and more. That’s all fine as long as you don’t run out of money.

Luckily for you, there are interesting iOS apps that can help you manage your money. To make a better overview of your budget, income, spending, profit, and more, you need to take a look at one of the apps below.


Mint is the ultimate tool that can give you an in-depth financial overview so that you can get a thorough understanding of your budget. You can connect various bank accounts, investments, cards, and more, and get your finances analyzed instantly. Moreover, you can use Mint to make various plans for future expenses.

Apart from being available in the App Store, you can also access this app via web browsers, which makes it an ultimate cross-platform program.


Spendee is similar to Mint and offers an overview of your expenses. Its creators paid special attention to the design that makes everything very intuitive. Spendee, however, cannot be automated as Mint, and you have to manually insert your expenses to get an overview.


Level is a simple app that keeps track of how much money you spend daily, weekly, and monthly. It features nice graphs that display how you stand with your budget. Compared to Spendee and Mint, Level is a much more straightforward app, which makes it perfect for complete beginners.


If you are often away on business and you need to keep track of your expenses, Expensify is the best thing for you. It allows you to measure the distance traveled, take pictures of receipts, track your time spent in certain places, and more. It is a comprehensive app that can facilitate your business trips.


Budgt is quite similar to Level, as it is also a very simple and intuitive app that offers a basic overview of your expenses. However, this app is mainly aimed at students and people who have very strict budgets. By using this app, they will have a better understanding of their finances and learn how to be more reasonable with spending money.


All the apps in this article are available in the App Store, so feel free to check them out and find the one that meets your needs. Hopefully, they will help you gain better insight into your finances and improve your financial status.

If you have some experience with money management, you can start with Mint. However, if you are doing this for the first time, make sure to select one of the other four apps.