5 Most Popular iOS Games of 2020

One of the many benefits of having a leading mobile device is the selection of games available to install. Apple mobile devices are regarded as being the best on the market in terms of gaming so let us take a look at the 5 most popular iOS games of 2020 so far.

When downloading games for iOS devices they come in two important categories, free to play and paid games to enjoy. In terms of the most popular iOS games of 2020, the veteran of the gaming world, Minecraft is difficult to beat. This is by no means a new game, which is evident by even casual gamers recognising the title, but it has been available on the App Store for many years. When playing Minecraft, it is possible to lose yourself in your creator own world by build almost anything whether it be a simple wall or the most complex of cities. Sadly, you will have to pay to gain access to this game but with infinite possibilities, you can play for thousands of hours and never get bored or have the same experience twice.

In terms of free games, one of the most popular iOS games of 2020 is Money Buster! This is a remarkably interesting and quirky game which involves looking at money in extremely close detail using tools such as a magnifying glass, which is a huge hit with the amateur sleuths of the internet. When looking at the money, your job is to detect which of the bank notes are fake. Having detected the fake bank notes you can shred them but you can also keep the notes which are real.

Sadly, Money Buster! Is purely played for fun with no real money to win after using your detective skills, but for those who may be interested in winning real money and being able to withdraw it to their bank account, nothing beats playing at a mobile casino. It is now possible to download some of the best mobile casinos using their branded apps from the App Store and you will find details of all the leading mobile casino apps at http://www.mymobicasino.com/.

If you enjoy playing puzzle games and Tetris isn’t doing it for you anymore, one of the 5 most popular iOS games of 2020 so far is Tangle Master 3D. This game is free to download on Apple devices and involves untangling different colour strands of rope or string. There are various levels available on the game and each time you successfully untangle the rope, you will progress to the next level in addition to winning virtual money. Tangle Master 3D is an entertaining and incredibly addictive game.

Design apps have become extremely popular in 2020 and Sneaker Art! is leading the way in the popularity stakes on the App Store. The game is free to install on your device and gives players the opportunity to design sneakers and offer them for sale in a shop. If you have ever dreamed of designing your own footwear, Sneaker Art! is the app for you. Featuring a range of different brushes, colours, laces and graphics, the options are endless.

Finally, we come to one of the top gaming franchises of all time in Grand Theft Auto. One glance at the iOS popularity ratings so far in 2020 shows Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is topping the charts. You take the role of Carl Johnson who is aiming to save his family and to take control of the streets. This game is a huge open world adventure covering three major cities and offering over 70 hours of gameplay.