5 of the Best Sports Podcasts on iTunes

Sports podcasts are a popular way to keep up to date with your favorite sport without the need for a TV 

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Podcasts are an excellent way to enjoy the sports you love while you are on the move. There are podcasts on so many subjects these days, including the Mac podcasts on this site. One of the best ways to get your podcasts it through the iTunes podcast store. Here you can find literally thousands of podcasts on all your favorite topics.

One of the most popular forms of content is sports podcasts. With nearly every sport represented and shows being created by a range of creators, from ex-sports professionals and commentators to comedians and people who are just passionate fans, there is always going to be something to want to listen to.

The choice can be a little overwhelming though. So, to make sure you are getting to the quality podcast content you want, here is our list of 5 of the best sports podcasts on iTunes.

Pardon My Take

Sometimes, it’s fun to hear sports pros talk about their experiences and break their chosen game down in detail. Sometimes, its equally fun to hear the ranting of the guys next to you in the stands, at the hotdog stand, or in the bar.

Pardon My Take is very much the latter of these two experiences. Produced by the aptly named  Barstool Sports, Pardon My Take has new content three times a week and covers a massive range of sports, from football to UFC.

Show hosts Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver some of the rantyist and funniest takes on sports and play host to a huge range of guests, such as skating legend Tony Hawk, UFC’s Dana White, Jaguars QB Blake Bortles and Shark Tank’s Daymond John.

The show is perfect for when you need that “up at the bar” take on sports, but it’s the middle of the workday.

There is a podcast for nearly every sport, so no matter what you are into, there’s something for you

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The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan is pretty multi-talented guy. He’s a podcast host, stand up comic, mixed martial arts fanatic and former UFC commentator. His podcast has become massively popular, persistently regularly topping the Comedy genre on iTunes and the show is a regular guest in the Top Episodes category.

The show covers a huge variety of topics and you can expect Joe to host guests who are other comedians, famous actors, musicians, MMA fighters both past and present, authors, and artists.

The sports portions of the show focus fairly heavily on MMA and UFC, but for UFC fans, the fact that Joe can use his insider links to the sport to have some of the biggest names come on to his show for a chat makes it a “must listen.”

The Bill Simmons Podcast

The Bill Simmons Podcast is regarded by many as the granddaddy of sports podcasts. It holds the record as one of the most downloaded sports podcast of all time and its revolving cast of regular, like Cousin Sal, Joe House, and a huge array of other “friends and family members” are as entertaining as the guests.

Episodes are released multiple time a week and you can expect engaging content, and a laundry list of instantly recognizable guests.

Sports podcasts combine humor, celebrity guests and up to date news on all the hottest sporting events!

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Poker In The Ears

James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton’s show has been described as the Tonight Show of Poker podcasts because of its blend of late-night style humor and up to date poker news. The show combines great humor and the latest info on the biggest poker tournaments.

You can expect Hartigan and Stapleton to interview some of the poker world’s biggest winner and hottest names and, because of pokers growing popularity as a sport, some of its biggest celebrity fans.

The show also gives you minute by minute coverage of the European Poker Tour (EPT) and the duo are at their funniest when discussing some of the shenanigans they have gotten up to when on the road.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

Originally a radio show, The Dan Le Batard Show, featuring Stugotz, transitioned to a podcast format and hasn’t looked back since.

The show features a rotating cast of co-hosts to keep the conversation fresh, such as Miami Herald writer Greg Cote, and has featured famous guests from all genres, including the Steelers’ JuJu Smith-Schuster, Snoop Dogg, and even Avril Lavigne.