5 Reasons We Love Siri More than Alexa or Google

We believe Apple’s Siri is the best voice assistant on the market, even more so than Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. There are a lot of studies and research cited online that claim different voice assistants are better in different criteria. In this article, we give you five reasons we love Siri more than Alexa or Google.

1. Personality

One of the most important criteria on which voice assistants can be judged is their ability to answer questions. In a survey conducted by venture capital firm Loup Ventures, it was found that Google Assistant is the smartest because it can answer questions with the greatest accuracy.

During their test, they asked all these voice assistants 800 questions and rated them based on accuracy — Apple’s Siri scored 79%; Alexa scored 61%; Google Assistant scored 86%. This may suggest that Google Assistant is the smartest.

However, this study only judged the voice assistants on the accuracy of their answers. We believe the intelligence of these voice assistants should also be measured on their wit and personality as we think Siri is funniest and has the greatest personality. Siri is widely known to be incredibly witty and funny, answering your questions with funny remarks that are sure to make you smile.

2. Hilarity

This point is more of an offshoot of the previous point. Siri has a more clearly defined and unique personality — a good mixture of sarcasm and hilarity. If you’re getting bored at home, you can ask Siri questions about its intelligence, sentience, dating life, and opinions for some truly remarkable answers.

For example, ask Siri, “will you go on a date with me?” It will likely say, “Thank you for asking, but I don’t really date. Humans,” or “Here’s the thing: I lack corporeal form.” Siri similarly comes up with some pretty hilarious answers to your questions. As such, we definitely think Siri is the funniest voice assistant out there.

3. Communication

Siri is the best voice assistant when it comes to communicating using Apple platforms. If you have platforms like iPhone, iPad, HomePod, and other Apple products, Siri can help you communicate with others better than any other VA.

Siri can send texts, emails, WhatsApp messages, voice notes, video messages, and so much more. Furthermore, when you receive texts, Siri can also read the text out to you, so you don’t have to access your phone. Compared to Siri, both Google Assistant and Alexa only allow you to send texts and calls, but they can’t read out texts for you.

4. Apple Integration

It goes without saying, Apple products are fairly insular because they like to bolster their internal ecosystem. If you’re an Apple enthusiast, or if you simply own several Apple products and smart home devices, then Siri is the best voice assistant for you. Siri communicates with other Apple products with greater seamlessness and efficiency than any other VA.

5. Performance

Siri is just about as good as Alexa or Google Assistant when it comes to performing tasks and actions. You can ask Siri to recommend restaurants based on cuisine, and it will draw up their contacts, location, and other details as well. The same can be said for the other VAs. However, if you’re an Apple user, Siri will be far more convenient for you.