5 Reasons to Use Virtual Phones Instead of Desk Phones at Your Business

The days of regular office equipment and average offices don’t exist anymore. Nowadays, every company is trying to using the most effective and efficient methods to get up the ladder in their industry.

Before getting into why you should replace your existing phone system with new technology, here is your brief guide to virtual phones for small businesses.

Virtual Phones

These are basically software-based phones. They mimic your average phone system by offering dial pads and all the essential features that come along with it on a computer or a handheld device.

Other than the basics, they have many more exciting features that allow businesses to operate more efficiently. These capabilities generally include video or audio conferences, video or voice calls, voicemails, and direct messages, among other things.

These brilliant apps or pieces of software offer immense possibilities for every company, no matter how small or massive.

The software can be run on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. That means they can be used on any device.

If you look into 6 inexpensive ways to improve efficiency in your company, you will definitely find upgrading your system to be one of them. That is why you should contact an excellent VoIP provider for business in your region.

If you want to know how these virtual phones can help your business, read the five reasons to have them below.

Take Your Business Communications Everywhere You Go

Working from home, always traveling to clients, or being unavailable can make it very challenging for people to reach you on your business line. That’s why virtual phones are the upgrades.

With a virtual phone software on your mobile or any other device, you can communicate wherever you may be at the time. It will seem to the callers that you are at your desk in the office.

These phones are also beneficial for employees in your office that have plenty of meetings, conferences, or other engagements that take them away from their desks.

Work More Efficiently With Extra Features

Virtual phones have a user-friendly and interactive interface. They allow you to do everything more efficiently, with shortcuts and enhancements.

For instance:

Visual Voicemails

Instead of taking a lot of time to navigate through the voicemails without seeing anything, you can have a visual presentation of all your voice messages right on your screen. You can play or delete them, and also do other things like configuring them to an email.


Like you get notifications on your smartphone when someone calls, texts, or sends an email, the software will also notify you when someone is trying to make contact.

You can set ringtones for the calls, and the virtual phone software will notify you when someone is calling with their caller ID. Same goes for when someone sends a message, wants to video call, or share files.

Host Online Conferences

In your business, do you or your employees have regular meeting with clients, contractors, or anyone else out of the company? If so, then virtual phones can make those conferences much simpler by offering video calling and conferencing features to all the users.

Instead of using some expensive third-party platform to host a conference, you and your employees can quickly host a voice or video conference with multiple parties.

Keep Your Private Number Private

If your assistant keeps calling your personal mobile when you step out of the office to inform you of some calls, then you might use your personal number to return those calls. As any professional will tell you, mixing your professional and personal life is not a good idea.

Since virtual phones work through the cloud, you don’t have to use your personal number or assistant to handle calls.

Declutter Your Office

Having traditional phones in your office can be extremely messy, and make your workspace seem quite cluttered.

Instead of having to make space for multiple cords to power every desk phone, you can get everyone in your office to use virtual phones. They are not powered by adapters, just your device’s battery. They also don’t need a separate Ethernet cable, just a Wi-Fi connection can suffice.

That makes virtual phones very easy to manage.