5 Teams in LoL Match History We’ll Never Forget

In the history of LoL tournaments, there were teams that made fans around the world love them regardless of their national or regional belonging. Their talent and will to win every single match they played were giving great impressions and inspiration to viewers. Every team mentioned in this list left its mark in the great esports history of LoL. Honestly, every pack of players here below deserved their own league. The league of real legends.

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Now, let’s see 5 teams every LoL fan will never forget.

5. Fnatic (LEC)

Fnatic is the team with a rich match history, and a history in general. This team was the very first League of Legends World Championship winner (2011), and didn’t stop with that. Years passed by, and Fnatic remained among the best teams of their region while competing with worthy rivals like CLG.EU, Alliance with Froggen, and Moscow 5, who also deserved a place in our top. The point of Fnatic is that they still compete and gain their wins in our times, while the most of their competitors faded away.

League of Legends admirers who watched LoL esports matches in early 2010’s, definitely memorized epic clutches by xPeke and especially his legendary backdoor Kassadin victory. Ocelote’s tears were sincere.

But then, here goes a surprising fact: Fnatic grew their strength up even higher after their captain retired. The roster of Reignover/Huni exploded there on the scene, and it is still thought to be of the greatest EU teams in the entire LoL esports match history.

Nevertheless, another biggest achievement of Fnatic is what makes this team belong to the list of five greatest League of Legends teams of all time. It is their 2nd place at the previous LoL Worlds (2018) where they passed through a tough way: the team won 4 out of 5 group matches, defeated EDG in Quarterfinals (3-1), destroyed C9 in Semifinals (0-3) and unfortunately couldn’t stand a chance versus iG in the Grand Final event.

Even despite their unlucky performance during Worlds 2019, Fnatic has been remaining among teams with the strongest LoL results throughout the entire esports history of this game. They have top LoL players and demonstrate impressive performance throughout every season since 2011.

4. Moscow 5 (Europe)

Newcomers among LoL fans probably don’t know their name. Yes, the dominance that Moscow 5 showed in almost every LoL match is history now. But back in their days far before the LCS and then LEC, these five Russian pro players definitely were among the best teams of Europe (and maybe the whole world). Darien, Diamondprox, Alex Ich, Genja and EdWard (aka GoSu Pepper) – these were their nicknames. Their great LoL match history includes perfect performance at DreamHacks, World Championships, and especially Intel Extreme Masters tournaments.

Additionally, Russians were also known as the “killers” of Korean teams. When no European esports team could stand against Koreans as equal, Moscow Five knew how to win versus them.

Still, the greatest contribution to the esports reality of League of Legends was different.

Moscow Five were the first (and, for some fans, the last) LoL innovators. Some of their inventions were rather freaky jokes like that Trinity Force Kog’Maw build by Genja. On the other hand, there are fundamental shifts they made in the way everyone perceived League of Legends.

The LoL scene can be divided into two precisely visible periods: before and after Moscow Five. Before them, even top esports players wanted their laning phases to last as long as possible and to win 1v1 duels with an opponent. Moscow five literally invented roaming (both support and top moves) and counter-jungling.

Nobody thought about farming enemy jungle camps before Diamondprox. Moreover, this player raised the aggressive jungling to the top level. Along with his synergy with the midlaner and captain Alex Ich, this jungling playstyle became one of the basic trends that survived even to our days.

3. G2 Esports (LEC)

Building a long-lasting match history of stable success is critical for any team aiming to reach the top level. Since the time of their qualification to the European LCS, G2 never stopped progressing.

They had strong strategy combined with sharp mechanical skills and a perfect brain reaction. In fact, the roster build of such players as Expect, Trick, Perkz, Zven, and Mithy was unique in their mutual complementation. Their synergy and feeling of each other’s shoulder was excellent. Nevertheless, it was not an easy road to glory.

G2 faced multiple problems while reaching their tops, but their perseverance and will to fight finally brought them the “Kings of Europe” title. Their international performance was a struggle for a while, but then G2 reinvented their playstyle and toughness, and at last they finished the story with a glorious 2017 MSI performance.

The resurrection team went on even after losing tis four top LoL players at a time. Then, the new roster gathered around Perkz, their superstar midlane player and captain. As a result, they reached the 4th place during Worlds 2018. On the way, they kicked one of the favories, RNG, off the tournament.

G2 definitely dashed towards new challenges in 2019, after they invited Caps to play as a middle lane juggernaut while Perkz switched to botlane. Most experts thought this decision to be crazy, but G2 buried all the skeptics and doubts during 2019 Mid-Season Invitational where they gained the 1st place. G2 Esports is among the greatest LoL teams in history.

2. Samsung White (LCK)

Experienced League of Legends fans and esports admirers would definitely sat that Samsung White were nothing more but a “one-year-team” or a “team of one tournament”. And they would be right.

Samsung White were the team that flashed and disappeared in the timeline of LoL history, but they did a lot during that time. Though they never had any dominance in LCK, they were pro League of Legends revolutionists.

Their peak shape shined during Worlds 2014. At that time, Samsung White were simply the best. They blew up the group stage and qualified for the knockout tournament bracket with no problem. Then, they destroyed such great teams as TSM, their sister team Samsung Blue, and Royal club. The flow of all matches was so one-sided, that the top LoL rosters of that time seemed to be Solo Queue random stacks against Samsung White. At this time, Worlds 2014 remains the tournament where one team had the easiest and most notified dominance ever in history.

What was their point? Samsung White brought the macro game strategy to the table, and mastered it so hard their teleport summoner spells, vision control and lane swapping became the meta for all competitive LoL matches. And they remained like that for long, even after SSW called a disband.

1. SKT T1 (LCK)

G2 were great playmakers and team-oriented pro players. Samsung White were even stronger with their innovations. But only one team has the greatest ever legacy in LoL. It is SKT T1. The crew is an absolute top of League of Legends competitive scene, and an absolute destructive machine that is merciless and mechanically flawless.

SKT T1 took four (!) World Championship victories in a row. They don’t even think of any loss. Even the lesser mistake in the game versus SKT can lead to a loss. If you fail, they catch you. If they catch you, they won’t let you go until your Nexus is destroyed.

One of the main reasons for SKT to show such a dominant performance is the LoL top player of the world playing for them. Faker. He is the real titan of competitive plays. The unique cocktail of excellent mechanical skill and the superb sense of the game allows him turning countless fights to his benefit.

Yes, SKT had some recession throughout recent times. Nevertheless, this team does not feel the real difference between the regular LCK championship, international major event or Worlds. They always go for the win.

And they win more frequently than anyone else.