5 Tips to Secure Your Wireless Router From Being Hacked

Nowadays, everything is vulnerable and can be hacked easily by anyone in just a few minutes including your wireless router, that you consider safe. Once your wireless router is hacked, all of the data becomes vulnerable and everything that you do on the network can be accessed by the person that hacked your router.

It is important that you keep your wireless router secure and maintain your online privacy. Here are some tips that you can follow to keep your wireless router from being secured.

1. Change the admin password

The default admin password of the routers is very easy by default and it is usually admin or blank field, which can be easily guessed by anyone and they will be able to access your Router’s Admin Panel. There are also lists of routers with their passwords available on the Internet and anyone can log in into your router without you even knowing about it.

You should change the password and set a mix of upper and lower-case alpha-numericals, with special characters so, no one will be able to access the Admin Panel of your router.

2. Update your firmware

Most of the users when since they buy a router, they don’t upgrade the firmware of the router. Just like your smartphones and PCs which work on Operating Systems, your router works on firmware. Older firmwares may have security bugs and vulnerabilities which can be easily be penetrated.

Some routers have automatic updates options available and their firmwares are updated automatically, but most of the routers don’t have automatic updates option available. It is advised that you always keep the firmware of your router up to dated so, that it has all the latest updates and the bugs are patched!

3. Enable WPA2 Wireless Encryption

If you don’t have WPA2 Wireless Encryption enabled for your wireless network then you are inviting the people yourself to access your information. Anyone can join the unprotected Wi-Fi network and access the information on that network. Some people may have WEP(Wired Equivalent Privacy) security enabled which can be easily cracked by the hackers instantly. You should set WPA2 security for your wireless so, it is protected the hackers and intruders who want to hack your network. Enabling WPA2 is easy and can be found under Advanced Wireless Security option at your router configuration panel which is mostly located at IP address.

4. Turn on Wireless Firewall

If you haven’t enabled Wireless Firewall then you should enable it instantly. Once you enable the wireless firewall for your wireless network, it will protect it from the hackers. It will also make your network less visible to the hackers.

5. Disable the Admin via Wireless Feature

In new routers, there is a feature available which lets you disable the admin access through wireless network. To access the admin panel of the router, you would need to be physically connected to the router i.e through an Ethernet Cable.

Once you disable the Admin via Wireless Feature, you would need to be connected to the router through an Ethernet Cable to access the Admin Panel. This makes it impossible for anyone to access the admin panel without your consent.