5G Is Coming Thanks To The iPhone 12, Here’s Why You Should Be Excited

cell towers on a purple sky

It may seem absurd to think that a phone could influence the development of wireless technology. But that is far from a stretch. In fact, based on Apple’s track record of initiating tech industry trends, (e.g. the removal of the headphone jack, the use of aluminum, and even the use of smartphones themselves) it’s easy to see why many experts predict a spike in the use of 5G networks after the release of the iPhone 12. But before we delve further into the whys and hows of the article, we first need to establish the basics:

What Is 5G?

5G refers to “Fifth generation wireless”, which is a wireless networking architecture that is designed to yield increased data communication speeds. 5G is going to be three times faster than 4G, and is also much more stable, with a much better range of coverage.

It may not sound like much, but 5G is going to make other upcoming technologies like the internet of things and artificial intelligence function much better. The increased speeds and the better connectivity are more than enough to open a whole world of possibilities.

How Does The iPhone 12 Fit In All This?

The demand for the new iPhone is bound to spark an interest in 5G technology, especially since 5G is one of the features that the keynote speakers put a lot of emphasis on. The truth is that iphones are rarely the phone of choice of tech enthusiasts. In fact, iPhones are the most popular phones from a single brand.

This means that 5G is being brought to the mainstream user base through the iPhone 12 and it could not have come at a better time, considering how we rely so much on the internet these days.

Why Is 5G So Important?

The primary purpose of 5G is to enable customers and businesses to increase efficiency and production, while also reducing costs. Not only this, but as previously mentioned, 5G is going to open a whole world of breakthroughs.

From a business perspective, this could become the foundation for much better automation and artificial intelligence because of the low latency from 5G. With better speeds, the data processing capabilities of businesses will be further enhanced, especially if they function via the cloud.

Should Businesses Prepare For 5G Implementation?

The obvious answer is yes. Especially because of the way that the technology is going to be much more popular among the mainstream users. In the same manner that you need a 5G-capable smartphone to reap its benefits, so too, do businesses need 5G equipment in order to make optimal use of its speed, stability, and range

5G is no longer just bleeding edge technology. It is an eventuality. It’s for this reason that many businesses have begun updating their equipment through companies that provide services like it support NYC to make way for a seamless 5G integration.

Again, those who are able to adopt new technology earlier are also the ones who are able to find the best ways to use that technology. Many of them are even able to tailor the tech to suit their specific needs.