6 Weird Facts About Apple You Probably Didn’t Know

Computing brand Apple is a household name the world over. You could probably sit in a cafe in downtown Djibouti and ask locals to string off some Apple trivia for you as a nice little social icebreaker.

Lesser-known trivia is, not surprisingly, a bit harder to come by. Here’s six things you probably don’t know about Apple.

1. Apple Isn’t The Only Household Name Brand Starting With the Letter ‘A’

When asked to quickly list the most well-known brands in the world starting with the letter A, most people are going to name Apple first without thinking. But what comes next?

While it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so swiftly, Amway probably rightfully earns a place in the top 3.

Why? Because despite its humble beginnings as a cleaning company, these days it could only be described as a corporate behemoth. It’s the 35 largest privately held company in the world and it’s active in over 100 countries.

2. Apple Hungrily Devours Other Companies For Breakfast

Apple is one of the most acquisitive companies in the world, right now. It’s an absolute monster, devouring smaller tech companies like a tyrannosaurus on a keto diet.

In the last ten years, Apple has spent over $7 billion dollars aggressively acquiring tech companies, many of whose innovations eventually find their way into the feature set of Apple products.

Beats (the folks who make those crazily popular headphones) was one the company’s more memorable recent acquisitions, setting Apple back a cool $2.5 billion.

3. Apple Could Put Its Brand Name on Mickey Mouse’s Butt

You’re probably aware that Apple Inc has a lot of money. They’re really quite very rich. In 2018, they became the first $1 trillion public US company. The $230 billion on their balance sheet means they have a lot of money to throw around. So much so, in fact, that they could theoretically buy out Disney without raising a sweat.

Picture your favorite Mouseketeer sporting a jaunty apple on his perky lil’ mouse butt. It could, theoretically at least, happen.

Disney World would become Disney World. The Star Wars franchise would incorporate subtle Apple product placements—think Jedi Knights holstering an iPhone alongside their lightsabers.

4. Apple Has Made Some Incredibly Clunky Stuff

We think of Apple now as a company that was at the forefront of simplifying tech. While there is any number of imitators today, they’re frequently given credit as one of the very first companies who put time, money and research into actively reducing the complexity of user interfaces and the technology housing it.

It hasn’t always been that way though!

Take the Apple Quick Take, released way back in 1994. Apple has to be given props for developing the first mass-market digital camera, but oh god was it a beast. It looks like the unholy union of a budget pair of binoculars and a doorstop. It cost around $1000 in today’s money ($750 at the time) and it was capable of taking 8 whole pictures before maxing out its memory.

Or what about the Macphone? It sounds like what your grandparents call an iPhone, but this thing actually existed back in 1984.

It’s a monstrous thing, combining an old-school telephone with a large monochrome screen. It was everything that Apple products are now not—with a bloated feature set, a brutal form factor, and completely dubious usefulness. That said, it also could very well be the intellectual precursor to the iPhone!

5. The Apple Watch Will Destroy Us All


Several groups (cults) with unusual (crazy) religious beliefs have released credible (wackadoodle) analyses of how Apple Phones are, in fact, the Mark of Ye Beast.

It’s all a bit complicated. You’re probably better off getting the full explanation of how we’re all about to slip into an apocalyptic hell dimension on a highly authoritative scholarly site like Reptilian Dimension.

But here’s the gist. The Beast (the big, scary, many-hornèd thing featured prominently in Revelations) is going to demand that all people receive a mark on their right hand, without which they’ll be unable to buy stuff. Sound familiar?

The theory is that the Apple Watch on your hand, along with its unholy incorporeal sibling, Apple Pay, is the manifestation of the end of days.

An apple-ocalypse, if you will.

6. The “i” in iMac and iPod Stands for 3 Things

We all know that Apple puts an “i” in front of many of its products. iPod, iMac, iPhone and so forth. Beyond being kind of a pain in the butt to type, you probably had already figured out that the “i” stands for Internet. Because these devices connect to the Internet! Exciting, I know.

However, you may not be aware that the “i” also stands for “individuality” and “innovation.”

It most definitely does not stand for “inexpensive.”

So there you have it. The next time you’re having a coffee in that downtown Djibouti cafe, throw some of these factoids out to the locals. Impress their damn socks off.