7 Paid iPhone Apps You Can Download for Free

The month of July proves beneficial for iOS users as developers have made available some of the best, paid applications free of charge.  You have major players like Betway coming out with their own iOS app for instance. The Betway88 iOS app is a game changer. All it takes is a few minutes with it to help you get started on Betway.

So, without wasting time download these seven applications from the store for free.

Secret Clock

Protect personal information from prying eyes without any restriction on the format of the file. Hide images, videos, GIFs, and text documents behind a clock that grants access only after successful verification.

Different levels of security include,

  • Passcode
  • Double Protection
  • Decoy Mode
  • Album Level Lock
  • Photo Level Lock

Sudoku Pro Edition

The paid version of the game called Number Place costs you $2.99. But for some time the availability of this enthralling application remains free for everyone.

More About Sudoku

Sudoku is a classic brainteaser in which players fill up a 9×9 grid with numbers from 1 to 9. Other than the blank blocks, the grid consists of numbers at certain spots. The challenge is to fill all the blocks without repeating numbers in the same row, column, and 3×3 block. With the Sudoku Pro Edition, you get four packs,

  • Classical
  • Colors
  • Brand
  • Letters

IQ Test Pro Edition

Find out how intelligent you are by taking this precise IQ Test. Get correct results with two extensive questionnaires developed especially to test your Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

The tests include,

  • 39 questions for the IQ Test.
  • 33 questions for the European IQ Test.

An IQ test is a standardized test designed to calculate the intelligence of any individual. The result of which is the IQ level of the person.

Split Screen: MultiTasking Web

If there is any browser that showcases what true multi-tasking is, it is the Split Screen: MultiTasking Web browser. It allows users to open four concurrent tabs on the same screen.

For instance, playing a video on YouTube and simultaneously searching related terms on another tab. Also, chatting with a friend on Facebook letting them know how great the video is. With this paid application (available for free for now) iOS users can do all these things with ease.

Pinball Breaker Forever

Play the timeless arcade game on your iPhone or iPad with a twist. This game combines Pinball with the brick breaking games offering an endless gaming experience.

Protect your city from the invasion of monster bricks falling slowly in the form of waves.

3D Earth Weather Widget

Get accurate weather forecasts, functional clocks, different widgets, and many more amenities in this single application. To add to the list, look at the captivating view of Earth from space.

With access to thousands of radio stations, the predictions are more likely accurate.

DayCost Pro

Create detailed invoices of your daily expenses and incomes on the go with this useful application. DayCost Pro is now available to download on the AppStore without any cost for the time being.

The algorithm comfortably works in sync with Apple watches too. The interface allows quick and simple access to the application with additional security to keep the details private.

Note: This sale may end at any time so avail the exciting offers as soon as you can.