8 Jobs That Robots Are Most Likely To Take Over

Technology is advancing at lightning speed and it transformed how we work, in most cases, it made our jobs easier. There has been a lot of talk about the future of artificial intelligence and robotics some good and some bad. For companies finding ways to save money, the idea of being able to replace a human with a robot or computer is captivating. Machines are only getting smarter and more efficient and the possibility of AI or robots taking the job has been talked about for some time. If you work in a profession that extends itself to potential automation, the possibility of AI or computer doing your job faster and cheaper is a real threat.

Here are 8 jobs identified by Online Casino Betway’s research most likely to be go the way of robots.


This one hardly needs an explanation, as self-checkout lines are already found in most grocery stores today. Although these computers are still often watched or managed by human, and matter of fact many people still prefer to check out with a human rather than a machine or robot.


Anyone who likes going out to restaurants or bars knows they can get packed and bartenders don’t always have the time to take every order. There are already companies working on and implementing automated systems controlled by the user that can be used to replace bartenders that serve alcohol or coffee drinks.

Postal workers

With the increasing use of email, online billing and drone-based delivery, the need for a human to carry a mailbag door to door is on the wane. In addition to this many of the postal workers who have sorted mail in the past have been replaced by automatic sorting machines.

Travel Agents

Emerging technology has been integrated into many industries. Online travel agencies have made use of AI and Machine to bring an effective use of recommendation mechanism to deliver a good user experience. Today, with the Internet and computers you can do most of your travel bookings yourself very easy without needing a travel agent.


It’s difficult to imagine a world without farmers, but robots with the help of AI will very well take over the farming industry in the next 10 to 20 years, eliminating the need for human farmers.


Self-driving technology is already being tested extensively by nearly every major automaker and many technology companies. Self-driving vehicles have been in testing for years, and it won’t be long before human drivers are the exception, not the rule.


AI has made great strides in understanding how humans behave and in learning how to make suggestions, and the extent to which automated systems are widespread, it’s actually becoming a rare thing to get spam calls from a real person.


There are already a number of different software and applications options you can use if you want to file your own taxes. With more people flocking to programs like TurboTax and Freshbooks, the need for accountants is diminished. It’s no wonder that accountant jobs could be the worst hit in the next five to 10 years.