8 Key Trends in Online Gaming Design

Online gaming design continues to evolve at a fast pace. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the entertainment industry, and continues to develop in terms of gameplay, platforms, and distribution. There are many different factors involved in online gaming design, from consumer desire to technological innovations.

But what can we expect to see in the near future? How will online gaming look next year? Here we take a look at the business trends, the consumer trends, and the technological trends in video game development , and look at how the industry will continue to deliver innovative products for players.

Business Trends in Online Gaming

1. Rise of Cross Screen and Cross Platform Gaming

Mobile devices and smart phones have revolutionised the way we interact with games and play at places like an online casino . One of the biggest trends in online gaming is the development of games that can be played on all screens, across platforms.

2. Free to Play Games

Games are increasingly free, on mobile devices, to be able to attract players to the app in the first place. The business trend to monetization means that there are many opportunities for players to spend money on a game, but not necessarily at the first instance of interacting with the game. Free to play games are certainly here to stay.

Technological Trends in Online Game Development

3. Live Streaming in Games

One of the biggest trends that continues to increase in prominence is the rise of live streaming in games. Tools for creators also put game development in the hands of the masses. At the click of a button, live games stream onto any screen around the world. Games that involve creativity and competition can be shared among millions of people in real time. This creates shared moments and takes video game playing outside of the realm of one person sitting alone in their bedroom with a console. Creator tools also make it easier for people to adapt and play their own versions of games.

4. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as the Next Big Things

Augmented reality looks set to soar to unseen dimensions in the coming months, as it has moved from being a niche concept to something that anyone – even people with no interest in video games – has become involved in. The biggest example of this has been Pokémon Go. From augmented reality comes virtual reality, and it is developing into different realms to provide gamers with new experiences. The main trend in VR is the ease with which players can get on board with the technology and also the rise in the number of games that are accessing VR to good effect.

Consumer Trends in Online Gaming

5. Creation of Community

As the above shows, community becomes much more important in online gaming. Social media facilitates communities that build around popular games, and take the games to another level. Because it is so easy to access online games from smartphones, communities can meet in real time and input from different people turns gaming into an even more interactive experience. This helps to level some of the playing field away from criticism that gaming turns people into insular, solitary consumers – in fact, video games can combat loneliness and bring a much-needed sense of community into people’s lives. In addition, far from being passive consumers of games, studies show that many video games boost children’s learning and development and help them to learn how to think for themselves.

6. Celebrity Creation and Endorsement

Gamers are increasingly involved in the content and distribution of their games, and the people who create new content are celebrities in their own right. Celebrities from other fields such as sport also get on board to create buzz around certain games and sites. This has always happened, of course, in other areas of the leisure world, but the gaming community has been slower to catch on.

7. Rise in Inclusivity and Diversity

Video games developers are taking note of criticism from wider society that games are often under-representative of sectors of the community. For example, video games studies show that women are still more often than not portrayed in a sexist way. Video games are the next realm to be able to show people that people are different, and that diversity is to be celebrated.

8. Emotions Are Key in Gaming Design

Also important in gaming design is the idea that emotions are key to the gaming experience. Games are no longer static and mechanical. Developers want players to feel something – whether that is involvement in a story, or a memorable moment in the community. When players are emotionally involved they are far more likely to play, and keep playing.

For more information and inspiration on video game development, check out this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrZCD8l95rY