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Amazon's Alexa Calling Feature Works From Your iPhone, too

Amazon’s Alexa Calling feature works great on the Echo and Echo Dot, from the testing TMO staff have done so far. Jeff Butts and Jeff Gamet also took the time to check out how the feature works from the Alexa app on the iPhone. Here’s what they found out, and how you can use it, too.

Alexa Calling: Amazon Adds Voice Calling to Echo, Echo Dot

The just announced Echo Show isn’t the only device in Amazon’s lineup getting voice calling support. A new feature dubbed Alexa Calling is coming to the Echo, Echo Dot, and Alexa mobile app today. For now, the calling features are limited to the Echo lineup and Alexa app, but that could be the first step in turning the devices into speaker phones fro our homes.

How to Find Your iPhone with Amazon Echo and Alexa

Lost your iPhone at home and don’t have an Apple Watch to ping it? Your Amazon Echo can fill in and call your phone and use the ringer to track it down.

Here's How to Make Amazon Alexa Less Chatty with Brief Mode

If Amazon’s Alexa feels a little too chatty for you, there’s a fix for that. It’s called Brief Mode, and it’s easy to enable.

How to Set Up iCloud Calendar for Alexa

Read on to learn how to link Alexa and your Echo or Echo Dot to iCloud Calendar.

How to Make Your Amazon Echo Respond to 'Computer' Instead of 'Alexa'

Star Trek taught us years ago that we get the attention of our interactive computer systems by saying, “Computer.” We’re sort of there with Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot by saying “Alexa” before issuing a command, but it would be so much cooler if we could say “computer” instead. Turns out you can. Follow along to learn how.

This $2 App Brings Amazon Alexa to Your Apple Watch...Sort Of

An Apple Watch app called Voice in a Can is seeking to satisfy the desires of those who love Apple hardware but rely on Amazon Alexa for its home automation capabilities. As a standalone app, Voice in a Can runs entirely on the Apple Watch without needing to pair with the iPhone. With just a Wi-Fi or LTE connection you ask Alexa to control your home lights, unlock the door, or set your thermostat. However, since Apple prevents third party apps from replacing Siri, you can’t use Voice in a Can to have Alexa make calls or control the audio playback on your watch. It’s by no means a perfect solution, but it’s the best Alexa users have thus far until Amazon and Apple work out an official solution. Grab it now on the App Store for $1.99.

Tell Alexa to Delete Amazon Echo Voice Recordings

Amazon announce that users can delete recordings made by their Echo device via Alexa voice commands, not just the website and app.

Here's How to Turn Your Neighbor's Amazon Echo into a Remote Listening Device

MWR Labs was able to open a first generation Amazon Echo and add permanent code to the firmware that streamed live audio from the always-listening microphones to remote services.

How to Set Up Multi-room Music Streaming for the Echo and Echo Dot

Here’s how to set up Amazon’s new multi-room music streaming for your Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show devices.