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Judge Denies Apple Appeal in VirnetX Patent Case

U.S. District Judge Robert Schroeder has denied Apple’s appeal to reduce a US$502.8 million patent infringement verdict.

VirnetX v Apple Case Continues, Payout Could Reach Over $1 Billion

VirnetX is asking U.S. District Judge Robert W. Schroeder III to add US$116 million in interest onto the US$503 million jurors awarded it in October.

Supreme Court Rejects Apple’s Appeal in VirnetX Case

The U.S. Supreme Court today has refused to hear Apple’s appeal to avoid paying US$440 million in damages in VirnetX patent case.

Judges Reject Apple Bid to Appeal VirnetX Patent Case

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has rejected Apple’s bid to have it reconsider a patent infringement case with VirnetX.

Apple Asks Court to Reconsider VirnetX Case

Apple is set to ask the federal court to reconsider a case that resulted in it being told to pay VirnetX $439 million. A court in the Eastern District of Texas found Apple had infringed the internet software firm’s patents. Apple wants that case reconsidered. The legal battle between the two firms has been running since 2010. AppleInsider provided an update on the latest developments.

In a continuation of a long and costly legal battle between Apple and VirnetX, following its failure to convince the U.S. Court of Appeals that it should not have to pay a high cost for patent infringement, Apple is taking a new tactic in attempting to change the result. Rather than going to a higher court, Apple is asking for a reconsideration.  According to Law360, Apple petitioned the entire Federal Circuit on Thursday to rehear a panel discussion that upheld the $439 million Eastern District of Texas jury verdict.

VirnetX Scores $302.4M Win from Apple in Patent Trial

The third time is a charm for VirnetX and its ongoing patent infringement lawsuit fight with Apple because a Tyler, Texas, Federal Court jury ruled the iPhone and iPad maker owes the company US$302.4 million. The patents in question cover secure communication and FaceTime, and now the case will head to the Appeals Court where VirnetX may have a harder time convincing a judge to let it keep the money.

Judge Tosses Out VirnetX's $625M Patent Infringement Win Against Apple

VirnetX’s big US$625 million patent infringement win against Apple just became a big loss. Federal Appeals Court Judge Robert Schroeder tossed out the judgement and set a retrial saying VirnetX acted inappropriately during the trial and very likely prejudiced the jury.

Apple Pays $18 Million to Settle FaceTime Lawsuit

Apple is paying US$18 million to settle a lawsuit with VirnetX. The latter accused Apple of purposely breaking FaceTime on iOS 6.

Here’s How to Merge PDFs on iOS Using Files

On macOS you can merge PDFs together using the built-in Preview tool. You can merge PDFs on iOS as well, using the built-in Files app.

Lawsuit Claims Apple Broke FaceTime to Force iOS 7 Upgrades

What happens when you don’t want to upgrade to a new version of iOS on your iPhone, but you’re sure Apple is forcing you to anyhow? Lawsuit! Apple is facing a class action lawsuit for just that where the plaintiffs allege the company intentionally broke FaceTime in iOS 6 to force upgrades to iOS 7 all to save some money.