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iMazing Adds iOS 12 Beta Backup Support

Good news, iOS developers. iMazing 2.6.1 is out and it includes support for iOS 12 beta. That means you can back up the data and apps on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch test devices and restore to an earlier state if something goes wrong. It also means iMazing is already good to go when the public betas start rolling out. iMazing is priced at US$39.99 and the update is free.

How to Use iMazing to Manage Apps

Jeff Butts takes you on a tour through the new feature, showing how efficient and effective iMazing has become at app management.

Change Your iOS Device Backup Location With iMazing

When you need to do what iTunes says isn’t possible, it’s once again iMazing to the rescue.

5 iMazing Tricks Make Syncing Your iOS Device Fun

When you get right down to it, iTunes is pretty bloated for the limited usefulness is provides. Jeff Butts has been exploring iMazing, a potential replacement for synchronizing iOS devices with the desktop, and has some tips and tricks that show how powerful this iTunes alternative can be.

Mass Delete Apps With the Help of iMazing

The folks at DigiDNA should totally send Apple a gift basket, because nerfing iTunes was probably the best thing ever for iMazing.

How to Move Just Your Health Data to a New iPhone

You can transfer just your health and fitness data from your old iPhone to your new one so you can get a fresh start with apps and data. Read on to learn how.

Get Time Machine on Your iPhone With iMazing Mini

Time Machine on macOS is an amazingly elegant backup solution. When it comes to iPhone backups, there really hasn’t been anything like Time Machine. The team behind iMazing recognized this, and have recently released the public beta of software that brings Time Machine to iOS. iMazing Mini is available for download now, and it’s a free app. With iMazing Mini, you can take “snapshots” of your devices. These are incremental backups that you can roll back to at any time. DigiDNA optimized iMazing Mini to store dozens of backups without crowding your hard drive. You can view your data easily within the full-blown version of iMazing. Probably the best feature, though, is that you can go back in time and restore any specific version of your backup quickly and easily. Of course, it’s also nice that the software is free without any ads or paid cloud storage.

iMazing 2: Universal License for Mac and Windows: $14.99

We have an absolutely stellar deal on iMazing 2, a product we’ve written about. iMazing let’s you browse and manage your backups, extract and print your text messages, and drag and drop songs to your iPhone. Our deal is $24.99 for a universal license good on unlimited iOS devices and up to 2 Macs or PCs—but today coupon code CYBER40 will bring it down to $14.99.

You Can Still Restore iOS Apps From Your Hard Drive

While you might think iTunes won’t be able to do it anymore, it can — but iMazing does it better.

iMazing Archives - The Mac Observer

Our thanks to DigiDNA and iMazing for coming on board to sponsor our WWDC 2018 coverage here at TMO this year. iMazing is a fully fledged iOS device …