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Siri's Voice Missing from Your Apple Watch Series 3? Here's How to Get it Back

If Siri isn’t talking to you on your Apple Watch Series 3 she may not be giving you the cold shoulder; she may have lost her voice. Literally. Here’s how to get it back.

watchOS 5: How to Silence Siri

For today’s Quick Tip, we’re going to cover how to shut Siri up on the Apple Watch—and it doesn’t involve Silent Mode. If you’re easily embarrassed by your voice assistant shouting at you, then you’ll like this!

watchOS 5: How to Enable Raise to Speak for Siri on Apple Watch

Raise to Speak in watchOS 5 lets you talk to Siri on your Apple Watch without having to say “Hey Siri.” Here’s how to turn it on.

Here’s How Siri Decides Which Device to Respond From

Curious how Siri decides which device it should respond from? There’s a process, along with a pecking order, and it takes only milliseconds to play out.

macOS Sierra: Configuring Siri

With the upcoming release of macOS Sierra, Siri’s finally available on our computers! In this Quick Tip, we’ll show you how to use it and tell you what you’ll do if you need to make changes to how it works (such as switching which keyboard shortcut invokes it).

Get Siri to Tell You Which Song is Topping The Chart

One fun thing that Siri can do is tell you which song is currently topping the charts in whichever country you’re in.

iPhone X: Disabling "Press Side Button for Siri"

If Siri on your iPhone X has been triggering accidentally because the side button is getting smushed, then come find out how to turn off that feature! If you don’t use Siri but are easily irritated, then…well, we can help.

How to Manage Hey Siri With Multiple Apple Devices

HomePod responds to most Hey Siri requests, even if there are other capable devices nearby.

Apple’s Rumored Siri Speaker Targets Sonos, Too

The Siri Speaker may be more of a living room device than a kitchen device.

Here's How You Can Enable 'Hey Siri' on Your Mac

Don’t you wish you could just say “Hey Siri” and have your Mac’s version of the voice assistant respond? Apple seems to have forgotten that feature with macOS Sierra, but Jeff Butts found a way to make it happen. Follow along in this Quick Tip, and you can have your own Mac’s voice assistant at your beck and call, without lifting a finger.