8K TV is Coming. It’s Okay to Salivate

8K TVs on display

Awhile back, I found this UHD TV roadmap, courtesy of the AVS forum. Go to that article for the original image.

[Apple TV, 4K Mania: HDR10, Dolby Vision & HLG Explained]

4K/UHD Roadmap. Credit: AVS Forum

This roadmap shows that the TV industry has been planning for the evolution from 1080p to 2160p to 4320p at least since 2014. Note the planned evolution, over the years, of the frame rates, color depth, color space and chroma subsampling. Key points:

8K TVs will be bigger. by visual necessity: 75 & 85 inches. Or more.

8K TVs will feature 12- bit color, 12-bit Dolby Vision, and true 120 Hz refresh rates. (Not just interpolated frames.)

Eventually, by economies of scale, the larger 8K TVs will become affordable, just as 4K TVs are now.

8K TVs on display

In order to arrive at a broad consumer base of 8K TVs. starting in the year 2020. TV makers have already been developing the technology for a few years now. How will that look? Here’s a great introductory article from CES 2019 that will whet your appetite.

Sony debuts its massive Master Series 8K consumer TV at CES 2019

Only the super rich will be able to afford a 98-inch 8K TV, but that was also true of 480i Plasma TVs in the year 2000. It doesn’t do any good to pooh-pooh these TVs as unnecessary. Technical advancements (and perhaps 5G wireless) will make them run-of-the-mill, affordable, and indeed dominant in 2025.

For now there’s no rush. But it’s fun to dream and salivate as we get a glimpse of what’s coming.

3 thoughts on “8K TV is Coming. It’s Okay to Salivate

  • I agree John. 8 and 10k are coming. One major reason is a 65” 8k tv will fit on most standard size desks. I know it sounds crazy, but there are many like on Wall Street that have multiple monitors. I drive 6 30” cinema displays. One 8k tv at 65” will be the rough equivalent and actually take up less desk space than my current 6 displays. As normal commoditization reduces prices on the TVs, they will become latively cheap high resolution computer displays as well.

    This will happen faster than most expected. 8k is already coming way faster than expected already.

    I am totally psyched about it. It solves a huge long term and prior to now very niche and expensive problem for me. And while it is niche now because of the extreme expense, when this becomes affordable, you’ll see it, a lot more enthusiasts will have such a rig for their desktops. Games will be insanely immersive. Photographers will be able to see images at full pixel for pixel resolution. A lot of cool and practical applications.

  • Still interested in the visual accuity of the majority of TV viewers and if they can even see the difference between 720, 1080, 4K and now 8K – without an overactive imagination. Want the ulitimate realism? Go outside, meet fellow humans and have a conversation. Go to a park, walk through the woods, touch a tree. If you can’t see what’s in front of your feet 36″ away, how are you going to see anything “realistically” 36″ or more on a screen. “I can sit inside on my sofa and see the outside world, it looks so realistic, like looking through a window.” Go outside if you’re able. And get your vision and hearing tested annually.

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