Apple Arcade: LEGO Brawls is Brick Busting Fun

LEGO Brawls featured

When I signed up for Apple Arcade, the first game I downloaded was LEGO Brawls. I had seen the trailer and it looked fun. It very much is.

Win Battles and Develop Your LEGO Brawls Character

As with most of the games on Apple Arcade the premise is simple – join a team of up to three other players and work to capture or hold the flag for your side. You start with a basic character, and build them up as you earn rewards for your continued brawling. You can gain exciting extras like a carrot gun or fish to slap your opponents with. ┬áThe battles are set in different LEGO locations.

LEGO Brawls build character
Build up your character as you engage in battle.

A crucial element is smashing up the crates scattered around the place, which give you access to your extra powers and tools. These include LEGO boulders and rockets, as well as the aforementioned carrot guns and fish.

Party mode allowed you to bring together friends for a brawl. There is also training mode where you bash up skeletons to hone your skills.

Party mode!

Good, Silly, Fun

I have really enjoyed playing LEGO Brawls over the last couple of days. The graphics are good, the gameplay is fast and basically, it is good, silly, fun. I think it will appeal to children and older gamers alike. In short – everything is awesome.

Product: LEGO Brawls

Company: LEGO

List Price: Included in Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade subscription.


Outstanding Product. Get It Now!


Super fun and easy to pick up and play.


Highly addictive. Productivity levels have dropped significantly since I downloaded it.


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