Apple News+: First Impressions of the UK Offer

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LONDON – Apple News+ landed in the UK and Australia earlier this week. I dived straight in, and so far have been pretty impressed with what I’m seeing.

Quality of Content

The available content here in the UK is actually things that I, and I imagine many others, would want to read. Women’s magazines, tech magazines, sports, and news. It is largely high-quality stuff. Favorites in my Apple News+ feed include the Times/Sunday Times, Elle, GraziaFourFourTwo, and The Hollywood Reporter.

Apple News+ is a Money Saver

Unlike most subscription services, I actually see Apple News+ as a money saver. It is so easy to get tempted to buy a whole heap of magazines that end up unread. Here, for one price, you get a lot of what you might want, and access to others too.

Beautiful Presentation

Physical magazines are wonderful, showing-off fantastic photography and design. Apple News+ actually does justice to this. I noticed this particularly when I scrolled through women’s magazine Elle. The photos were animated. You could flip from one to the other as if in a printed magazine. These magazines have not just been posted on a digital platform with little though. Instead, they have been designed specially, and it shows.

Apple News+ is a Great Way to Sell iPads

As soon as I started reading magazines on my phone it struck me how much I wished I was reading them on an iPad. I have no doubt this is Apple’s intention. Services are now a crucial way of encouraging hardware sales.

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